Who says you can’t enjoy Goa in Monsoons? My husband and I went to Goa in August last year and trust me, we enjoyed every bit of our stay there. And after reading this post, hope you will change your mind too and give it a try to visit this alluring place during the rainy season.

What to expect when you visit Goa in Monsoons ?

Many people are under the impression that Goa Shuts down totally during monsoon. Well no, this is not the case actually. While many shacks and restaurants remain closed but there are still more than 50% of the shacks and restaurants which remain opened during monsoon season and cater to the needs of the tourists and locals.

So, read on this post if you are contemplating to make a trip to Goa in Monsoons !

Well, rainy season starts in Goa from first week of June and this beautiful state receives rainfall till mid October.

Let me tell you that Goa has a complete different feel during monsoons and this place becomes an absolute tropical paradise for its visitors. So, want to know what you should expect if you go to Goa in August, then read on.

Rains only off and on

From my experience, I can say that during August, it was raining only off and on and not throughout the day, though there was humidity in the air and sky remained clouded. What I noticed was occasional showers during the day time but prolonged showers during the night time and early mornings. And yes, those occasional showers during day time used to start all of sudden and usually last for half an hour to one hour after which the sky used to clear up and the Sun came out. 

Greenery all around

 If you are a nature lover like me, then you would surely love to visit Goa in monsoons. Monsoons transforms Goa into something else, this place becomes truly magical as you get to see greenery all around, feel the freshness in the air, and beauty of nature. We drove around North Goa in our scooty, got drenched in unexpected showers and saw the lush green, paddy fields, coconut trees, small ponds and brightly colored houses. And trust me, everything looked so fresh and clean in Goa. 


Drenched beaches

During monsoons, take a stroll on the beach as the drenched beach look even more beautiful. when ocean hit the shore with even more force. 

Less Crowded

 The roads and the beaches are less crowded as there are less number of tourists in Goa during this time.

Travel and Stay Cheap

Domestic Flights tickets are way too cheaper, actually half of the actual price during peak season. Also, almost all the luxury hotels and resorts in Goa offer great discounted Monsoon rates. Another great reason to visit Goa during monsoons…Right.

Don’t forget to miss Dudhsagar falls

Well, don’t forget to visit these falls during monsoons as this is time when this falls is in its full glory and is over flowing with water.

Trip to Savoi Spice Plantation

Also, monsoon is the best time to visit the Savoi spice plantations in Goa as plants looks so refreshing and pristine after getting washed up in Goa rains. 


One thing which surprised me to no end was even in the off-season, Calangute and Baga beach were bustling with crowd. Almost all the Shacks and restaurants in Calangute and Baga stretch remains open all the year round. Anjuna Beach, Vagator and Arambol beach has comparatively lesser crowd than Baga and Calangute and most of the restaurants around them remains closed. While Mandrem, Morjim, Ashvem, Palolem, Patnem, Agondi beaches wears a totally unoccupied look during this season. And if you want to see my Goa Pics more, then check out my Instagram.

Of course there are some cons too of visiting Goa during monsoons. Not many partying options are available, half of the shacks are closed and not much choices available with varied food. Since, water is quite rough during monsoons, so no water sports activities are available and rather swimming is prohibited too as the waves currents are too strong during monsoons.



Goa is located in the South western region of India and has Maharashtra to North of it and, Karnataka to the East and South while Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Panaji is the capital of Goa.


  • Summer Seasons: Summers hit the Goa from March to May. Weather in May is unbearably hot and humid that you won’t feel like stepping out.
  • Peak Season: The peak tourist season in Goa is from Mid-October till Mid-February when the weather remains pleasant and cool, and there is no rain at all. Mornings are cool and days are warm. 
  • Monsoon season:  Rainy season in Goa is from mid-June till mid-October.
  • Languages spoken in Goa are English, Hindi and Konkani.
  • Carry an umbrella and also waterproof cover to protect your camera’s lens from rain.
  • Always rent a scooty, bike or a cab and try to avoid public transport system.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Love, Neha

Neha Bhatt Bhagat

I am Neha, a Travel, Fashion and a Lifestyle Blogger based out of Bengaluru, India. I am a Fashionable soul, a compulsive Traveler, a foodie and a Cat Lover.

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  1. I went to Phuket in monsoon season and still absolutely loved it, the rain was so calming and refreshing!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. Its very nice to visit Goa during monsoon awesome greenery, less crowd, discounted hotel rates!!

  3. Awesome post…. Loved it 🙂

  4. Sounds lovely! I’ve travelled during Monsoon season and it really isn’t bad. I went to Maldives at the end of Monsoon and got one bad monsoon storm, but every day outside of that was hot, sunny and perfect. It wasn’t even windy. Your vacation sounded really lovely and it’s good to share that it really isn’t as bad as some may think it is.


  5. Sounds like you had a great time visiting in the off-season despite the rainy weather!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Hi Neha, Goa sounds really nice actually, especially the drenched beaches sound amazing, I don’t even really mind the occasional rain shower! great allrounder tips and advice ! 🙂

    Have a great Friday!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


  7. Dear Neha, so good that you went to Goa in monsoon! I think it’s better when it’s less crowded and 50% of the restaurants being open is already a good thing. I have a friend from Mumbai and once I told her my wish to visit India and she told me “not during monsoon”. But I thought, why not? Like you experienced, every time has a nice and different feel! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

  8. How beautiful! Im now craving a holiday 😀


    Novelstyle Blog

  9. Sounds like a great place 🙂


  10. Goa is beautiful even in the monsoons, it seems to make the city greener.

  11. Thanks for the great tips! What a beautiful place!
    xo, Jane

  12. Nice post..I am planning my goa trip 😀

  13. I can imagine the rain must have been quite beautiful at times! I adore how green everything looks, though the humidity must have been overwhelming!!


  14. Everything is so green and gorgeous!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Looks like paradise, would love to visit one of these days.

  16. Goa is on my list on places to visit, so this was really helpful, thank you love! So lovely with all the green too! Xx


  17. Looks like a tropical paradise. I haven’t heard of this place, but now I’m so going to add it to my list of places I must visit. Beautiful photos!

  18. You see, I would have no objections in visiting a tropical place during rainy season, if it wasn’t for the prohibition of swimming :((( I’m not that kind of person who would lie on the beach and sunbathe – I like to swim, to enjoy the sea, and if I can’t do so, I would prefer to visit a tropical destination during dry season…

  19. Really interesting post dear and lovely location! xx

  20. i really have to travel there, it must be so amazing 🙂 thank you for the tips 🙂

  21. Sounds like a great place.

  22. Lovely post! Thanks for details! 🙂

  23. I have never traveled in a monsoon before but Goa seems like a nice place to visit.

  24. I’ve never been to goa but after reading this post, i might go there this monsoon 🙂

  25. Goa beaches and konkan beaches are my favorite vacation spot. Visited many times.

  26. I’ve never been- but this sounds like such an amazing place to visit!


  27. very interesting since i’ve not been there before

  28. thanks for detailed post and helpful tips

  29. Next month I will be in Goa for a vacation. This post is quite helpful. Thanks for sharing.


  30. Miss Sweet & Chic

    So green!! Love ur travel posts, they are very useful! Xoxoxo

  31. For ages I am about to go to Goa and then something happens and I end up not going… but one day, I am sure, I will go. Your post was excellent, very good for me, to know when to go – I wouldn’t mind the monsoons. And with the advantages you showed – the shore looks great, prices get down, less crowded – so why not 🙂 Loved your post!

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