I was born and brought up in Delhi. Post wedding me and my husband shifted to Bangalore. Ok, Bangalore is now officially called Bengaluru but somehow literally more than half of the people here still call it Bangalore. Maybe the term Bangalore sounds more appealing or may be because of the people memories attached to the old name. Anyways, shifting to Bangalore was not easy for us as everything here was so different from Delhi. But after living in this city for almost four and half years, we both have fall in love with Bangalore and even if we get a chance now, we would not like to shift anywhere else. Why Bangalore eventually swept us off our feet? Well reasons are aplenty, would you like to know? Then read on..

Weather: Weather is the top most reason why I love Bangalore. Bangalore weather remains pleasant and soothing throughout the year. Isn’t it just amazing? It doesn’t get too cold during the winters or too hot during the summers. It’s just perfect round the year except from mid March to April, when it gets a little bit hotter. Else, rest of the days are bright and sunny and evenings and nights are flanked by cool atmosphere and chilly breezes.

Lakes and Gardens City: This city is filled with beautiful lakes and gardens. Don’t believe ? Then go to Cubbon Park, DRDO, Lal Bagh or Bannerghatta National Park to experience the flora and fauna spread across acres and acres of area. In fact there are trees and gardens all across the city. Bangalore’s air is also quite clean compared to other cities.

Safer for women: I am not saying it’s totally safe but it’s much much safer than the other cities of India.

Bangalored: Apparently Bangalore is the only city in India to have a word termed after it. Now this is something really cool. Isn’t?? The term ‘Bangalored’ has been invented by Americans which means that a person has been laid off due to outsourcing.

City of Start Ups: Bangalore’s openness to innovation is totally remarkable and this city has scope for new business, products and launches. It’s the hub of startups like Flipkart, InMobi, Myntra.

Weekend getaways: Wow, now this is absolutely cool thing about Bangalore. Since we all get struck with the hectic work life and get time only at the weekends to relax and enjoy, so people of Bangalore has an added advantage of living in this city as there are so many places around Bangalore which are ideal for weekend getaways. You can go to Nandi Hills, Bylakuppe, Coorg, Badami, Ooty, Mysore etc. The options are aplenty.

Food: I love the lip smacking South Indian food of Bangalore, be it the Masala Dosa or Bisi bele Bhath or the Biryaani.

Cosmopolitan Crowd

Walls painting: This probably would be the first thing you’ll notice as you walk around on the streets of Bangalore. The beautiful wall paintings give a small insight on the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore along with providing employment to various artists. Here in Bangalore, you will find striking graffiti and other arts everywhere on the walls all over the city. You will feel like walking in open art gallery. This initiative has been taken to make the walls in Bangalore look vibrant. Walls alongside some main roads are painted with pictures of murals, folk art and designs inspired from the nature and its very pleasing to the eyes.

A place for music lovers: Every international artist is sure to perform in Bangalore.

However, the Cost of Living Index is quite high here. Also, one thing which I found quite odd here is you have to take your shoes off at the door before entering anyone’s home. Else they will tell you to do so. Now, the impact is such that even the people who are not natives of Bangalore have started this practice. Even we follow this trend now.

Xo, Neha

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