Hey guys, how are you? And how is the lockdown treating you? Well I hope all of you are safe and healthy. But yes, I do want to know, what are you guys up to these days? Well, if you ask me, I will say I literally spent the entire Feb’20 and first half of March’20 watching Netflix series and movies over YouTube. Rather, I have been watching so many Bollywood and Hollywood flicks recently that now I am literally bored of them. I think it is high time to do something productive now. Since we really do not know when this lockdown will end and when the economy will be back to normal, so why not we all use this lockdown time to do something worthwhile.

Since lockdown is on which means there is no office work, you cannot step out of your home, and there is no newspaper and rather there is nothing to do. And this also means you have loads and loads of free time in your hand right now. So, instead of sleeping all the time or binge watching, you can put this free time to good use. So, why not you set some goals for yourself, it can be some weekly goals or a daily goal. Just take a notebook and write all the goals which you want to achieve in a daytime or a week time or a month time and prioritise them and start working on it.


I have put together a list of activities which you can try during the lockdown period to keep yourself occupied. Just do not let this boredom get to you, rather plan, and make some goals and let those creative juices flowing. If you are still thinking of what to do, then this post has got you covered. So, read on and if you have some suggestions too on how to spend this lockdown time wisely, then do not forget to mention them in the comments section below.

Spend time with your family

This is the most important goal which you all should go for! Spend this lockdown time with your partner and kids. Also, this is the time to rekindle your relationship with the elders and in-laws in the house. Sit together, talk to your relatives, and enjoy time together. This is a great way to brighten up the mood too. Since there are no helps right now, so you can do the house chores, cleaning, and cooking meals together. Make sure to involve everyone at home in doing tasks from sweeping to washing clothes and this will help in bonding as well.

Indulge in Self Care

Make the best use of this time at home by indulging in lots of self-care and grooming amid the lockdown. Take a warm bubble bath, or a good manicure or pedicure at home. Taking care of your outer self is great but your inner well-being is also very important. A walk on your terrace, balcony or garden will deviate your mind from all the worries. Leave behind your worries and simply observe the natural beauty around. Since we are locked in so at least make sure to go out in the balcony or garden, basically in the open for a while at any point of the day. Trust me, it will do wonders to your mind. Also, try doing meditation every day.

Get in shape

Are you amongst those who are overeating during this quarantine period and not exercising a bit since the gyms are closed ? Fret not, you can workout at home too. Google some of the best ‘at the home workouts’ and come out of lockdown period slender and fitter than before. Also, don’t forget working out at home can be just as advantageous for both your mind and body.


Mindfulness is the practise of being aware and paying attention to the current moment. It means the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. You can practise mindfulness this lockdown.

Learn a new language:

Since you are struck at home, so why not turn it into a great opportunity by picking up a new language. Don’t you always wanted to learn some new foreign language like French, Spanish, or maybe Regional languages but could not because of the paucity of time. Now is the time to do that. Well, there is so much information available on Google and Youtube which you can use to excel in some new language. Also, there are so many free learning tools like Duolingo which can certainly help you in picking up and mastering a new language.

Catch up on reading

Oh have you heard that phrase: ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’? Yes you have already heard it, right! So, you can catch up on reading this lockdown period. Reading not only helps you to discover new world, new culture but regular readers have a better sleep cycle and have a lower rates of depression. Well if you ask me, I would say, there are so many books which I have always wanted to read but could not because of lack of time. And trust me, I am making the most of this lockdown by indulging myself in romantic and thriller novels. I believe reading not only uplifts the mood, but it enhances your knowledge of people, history, the culture, and what not!

Remodel your home

Well its lockdown going on and you have all the free time in your hand, so you can give your house a makeover, what say? For example, you can change the seating arrangements of your sofa or your dining table. Try hanging out some wallpapers, change the curtains, and remodel the furniture and give your home a brand new look.Try it and give your home a brand new look. Or you can decorate your balcony area or terrace area. Not only it will make the space prettier, but you will also feel good after this self home makeover.

Learn cooking:

If cleaning is something which doesn’t excite you, then you have the option of cooking. Lockdown period is going on which means you won’t be able to order food from outside. But this also means you will be having home cooked meals all the time. So, why don’t you indulge yourself in cooking? Cooking is so therapeutic and since now you have all the time to experiment with food, so why not you try your hands at new cuisines everyday with the help of youtube or cook books.

Organise your wardrobe

Have a look at your wardrobe, there must be so many unwanted outfits lying over there which are either too old to wear or just don’t fit you anymore. It’s time to declutter your wardrobe and get rid of those outfits which you don’t wear at all. Store your outfits by category and keep like items together. Example, keep your tees at one place and trousers at another, store all the belts together etc. A clean organised closet not only looks good but it also streamlines your morning routine.

Connect over Phone

Be more accessible to your friends and relatives. Before lockdown, it was so difficult to stay in touch with everyone because of the work life pressure. But now you all are having lots of time on your hand. So, Connect with your family members, your relatives and your friends more often. Call those people whom you have been avoiding earlier because of the work life pressure. Spread the love and warmth this lockdown.

Reconnect with your passions and your hobbies

We get busy so much in our daily office or work life that we rarely get time for persuing our passions. I am sure, there are so many things you have always wanted to do but never got time for that. Now is the time to bring out that creator in you and spend time with all your hobbies which you were missing earlier. You can go for painting, baking, pottery or what ever you have always desired to do. This will make you feel satisfied and will switch your mood for good.

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