Temples in India represents age old traditions, beliefs, history and architecture and no tour in India can be called complete without one visiting at least a few of these temples. Rather, India is synonymous with spirituality and there are umpteen number of temples in India with a very rich history.

During my last visit to Ranchi, I thought of exploring it to the fullest. Today, I am talking about some of the beautiful temples which I visited in and around Ranchi. 

Whenever we are in Ranchi, we always make it a point to visit Dewri Temple. But this time we visited Dewri Temple as well as Rajrappa Temple and Sun Temple too. Whenever you go to Ranchi or nearby Ranchi, I would highly recommend you to visit these temples.

Dewri Mandir

Dewri Mandir is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. This very ancient temple is located in Tamar on NH 33 and is at a distance of about 60 km from Ranchi.

Main Attraction of this temple is that the idol of Goddess Durga having 16 hands whereas normally Goddess Durga have only 8 hands. Since, the idol of Goddess Durga has 16 arms so this temple is locally known as ‘Solahbhuji Devi’. Inside the sanctum sanctorum, the 700 – year old idol of Goddess Durga with 16 hands is placed. The temple also houses an idol of Lord Shiva. The walls and pillars of this temple are made of sandstone. Dewri temple is spread over nearly two acres and is made up of big stone put one another without any cementing material in between. Dewri Temple is also believed to be the only temple where six tribal priests, known as Pahans, perform rituals and offer prayers alongside the Brahmin priests. It’s a very beautiful temple and a must visit. I felt so good after the Darshan of Goddess Durga.

How to reach Dewri Mandir: Dewri Mandir is located on Tata-Ranchi NH 33, Ranchi. To reach the temple, you need to go to Tamar and the temple is on the right side of the Ranchi-Tata road, toward the town of Tamar. 

Upon reaching home, we made plans to visit Chinnamasta Temple and Sun Temple. So, next day we started early in the morning to go to Chinnamasta Temple since we knew that there would be long queues there.

Rajrappa temple

Chinnamasta Temple which is also known as Rajrappa Temple is dedicated to Goddess Chinnamasta and located in Rajrappa, which is in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. This temple is located at a distance of 65 kms away from Hazaribagh and situated 28 km away from Ramgarh on the confluence of rivers Bhairavi and Damodar. It is situated on a hillock at the confluence of the Damodar and Bhera (Bhairavi) Rivers near the Rajrappa falls. The design and structure of the temple gives a colorful and a glimpse of Tantrik style architecture. 

Main Attraction of this temple: The main attraction of the Chinnamasta temple is the headless deity of Goddess Chinnamasta which stands on the body of Kamdeo and Rati in the lotus bed. Ma Chinnamastika is one of the 10 forms of Goddess Durga. Two devotees/attendants stands left to right drinking the jet blood flow from the neck.  Apart from the main temple, there are ten temples of various gods and goddesses such as the Surya God, Hanuman and Lord Shiva. Temple is very beautiful from outside as well as inside.  There is a water spring that adds beauty to this temple. 


My husband and I after seeking blessing from Ma Chinnamasta

How to reach Chinnamasta Mandir: This temple is a Hindu pilgrimage shrine which attracts thousands of devotees daily and to get the darshan of the goddess deity, one has to stay in long queues. Chinnamasta temple is located at Rajrappa, 28 km away from Ramgarh Cantonment along NH-23 in the Ramgarh district of the State of Jharkhand, India. It is situated on a hillock at the confluence of the Damodar and Bhera (Bhairavi) Rivers near the Rajrappa falls.

Some Tips:

  • Entry is fee.
  • Carry waterbottles.
  • Since, this temple remains very very crowded, so be prepared to stand in que for long hours. We stood for some four and half hours in a que to get the darshan of Maa Chinnamasta.

On our way back from Rajrappa Temple we took a different way and visited Sun Temple in Bundu.

Sun temple

Sun Temple is located on the Tata Road near Bundu at a distance of about 39 kms from Ranchi. This beautiful temple is newly built and the structure of temple has been designed with elegance.

Main Attraction of this temple: The Sun Temple is a magnificent piece of architecture with wonderful ambience. The temple has been designed intricately in the form of a huge chariot with eighteen wheels and seven horses. There is a big sacred pond in the temple vicinity. The temple’s surrounding is equally breathtaking as the temple is located in a calm and serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city.

How to reach Sun Temple: Sun Temple is located on the Tata Road near Bundu at a distance of about 39 kms from Ranchi.

Some Tips: 

  • Entry is free.
  • Photography is allowed but not inside the temple premises.
  • Food vendors are there.

Sun temple

I feel so blessed that we got the chance to visit these beautiful temples and fulfill my spiritual quest by offering prayers there. These temples in Ranchi are quite ancient and are considered highly sacred and pilgrims turn up in large numbers to seek blessings of the deities.

Much Love, Neha


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