One of my most interesting days in Goa started with a ten minutes stopover at Baga Beach and you must be wondering why it’s only a ten minutes halt at the Baga. This is because Baga Beach can be enjoyed fully only when you drench yourself in water and I didn’t want to spoil my clothes and makeup early in the morning 😀 .So my hubby and I decided that we would hit the beach later in the evening.

We decided to head towards the Aguada Fort which is in North of Goa. Bytheway we hired a scooty in Goa, we could have hired a bike, but since I also wanted to drive, and hence we hired a scooty. It was truly a stupendous experience driving through the shady trees alongside the green and yellow fields and the cool breezes touching my face was just so refreshing. Though, I didn’t drive while going to Aguada, but I never expected the roads to be in such good condition. At times, you need to stop and ask for the directions to the Fort as there are no signboards.


Finally we reached the Fort and parked our scooty outside for free. You can visit the Fort all days of the week from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. It took us almost two hours to explore the entire fort, to sit around a bit and watch the beautiful Arabian Sea and click pictures. So, be sure that you have lots of time in hand while visiting this Fort. Upon reaching there, we walked a li’l bit and then climbed some ten twelve stairs to go inside and we were fascinated by its beauty as we moved around inside the fort.


Fort Aguada is a strikingly beautiful Portuguese fort which was constructed in the 17th century on Sinquerim Beach, overlooking the Arabian Sea, to guard against the Dutch and Maratha invasion. You know the main purpose of the fort was to keep prisoners and to provide freshwater to the sailors. It was named Aguada which means ‘water’ in Portuguese, because of the presence of three freshwater springs inside the fort which were used to provide water supply to the ships that used to stop by in the past.

The views of Arabian Sea from this Fort are magnificent and breathtaking. We enjoyed our walk along the top and got mesmerized by the stunning views of the coast and the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea. This fort is so large that it envelops the entire peninsula at the south western tip of Bardez.  This enigmatic fort stands on the beach that is towards the south of the Candolim area in Goa. You can enjoy the views of the Mandovi River to the south and the surrounding lush greenery. The fort, divided in two parts, the upper one acted as a fort and watering station, while the lower one served as a safe berth for Portuguese ships.

Lighthouse Aguada fort

The upper part of the Fort has a lighthouse, a moat, a gunpowder room, an underground water storage chamber, and bastions. There is a beautiful four storey Portuguese lighthouse in Aguada fort which was constructed in the year 1864 and a prison in the basement. The fort was once a grandstand of 79 cannons. The lower part of the fort is now the central jail of Goa and is off limits for the general public.

Finally, we came out of Aguada Fort and hopped onto our scooty and drove towards the breathtaking Sinquerim beach. Approximate driving distance between Aguada Fort and Sinquerim Beach is 3 kms.

Whenever you visit Goa, make sure to see this well preserved Portuguese bastion in Goa, as this one is definitely worth a visit.

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