About My Ranchi Trip: I first went to Ranchi after my marriage as my in laws live there. Since, I was born and brought up in Delhi and was a hard core Delhiite, so it was kind of shock for me when I first visited Ranchi. I still remember how I actually heaved a sigh of relief when we booked our air tickets to Bengaluru. I was there for a week only as my husband and I live and work in Bengaluru. I wasn’t quite liking Ranchi on my first visit. No, please don’t get me wrong, but I was suddenly bombarded with situations because of which I was happy that I was there for a week only. But after that, in the last few years, we made umpteen visits to Ranchi on several occasions and when I explored Ranchi, I actually fell in love with this city. Now we make a point to visit this beautiful city at least once or twice a year.

So today, a thought just came to my mind that I must cover Ranchi in my blog too. What I have noticed is despite being endowed with natural beauty and resources and having so many tourists attractions, the Tourism is not flourished in Ranchi the way it should have been. So let me show you Ranchi through my eyes which is a hidden gem with scenic waterfalls, lush green hills and beautiful valleys. 

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand and is located in the Southern Part of Chota Nagpur Plateau at an altitude of 654 meter above sea level and was formed on the 15th of November 2000. Oh bytheway, did you know that Ranchi was once the hill station? Ranchi was once the summer capital of Bihar under the British Rule because of its cool and pleasant climate. 

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Temples: There are many beautiful temples in and around Ranchi like Pahari Mandir, Dewri Mandir, Sun Temple, Rajrappa Mandir, Durga Bari, Kali Bari, Jagannath Temple. I have covered beautiful Dewri Mandir, Chinnamasta Mandir and Sun Temple in my another post. To read, click OUR VISIT TO TEMPLES IN AND AROUND RANCHI

Rock Garden: Right in the middle of the city and at a distance of just 4 kms from Ranchi town on the Ranchi Kanke Road is the beautiful Rock Garden. This man-made garden is carved out of the rocks of Gonda Hill.There are waterfalls, rocks and sculptures, parks for children inside the rock garden.

rock garden ranchi

Kanke Dam: At the foothills of the Gonda Hills lies the lovely Kanke Dam. Rather, rock garden and Kanke Dam are adjacent to each other and you can see the beautiful view of Kanke Dam from the Rock Garden. We went to both these places in the evening and watched the amazing sunset views. If you are looking for spending some great time in the lap of nature, then this place is apt for you. 

kanke dam ranchi

Tagore Hill: Tagore Hill also known as Morabadi Hill is located on a small hillock in Morabadi in Ranchi. This hill is about 300 ft high and you need to climb some 200 steps to reach the top of the hill. Great place if you want to just relax and spend some time in the lap of nature and click some photos of sunrise or sunset. Let me tell you that the view of Ranchi city from the Tagore Hill is indeed very beautiful. Apart from that, there is nothing much to do there. This place has got historical significance too as in 1908, Jyotindranath Tagore, the elder brother of Rabindranath Tagore built a house called Shantidham on the hill. Rabindranath Tagore came to this place and lived here for a brief time during which he wrote several of the poems where he has included the instances the events of the city of Ranchi. At the foothills of Tagore gill is the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram.

tagore hill

Birsa Zoological Park: Also known as Birsa Jaivik Udyan, this is an Eco friendly tourist spot near Ormanjhi. This Zoo is a home to many wild animals like lions, tigers, wild cats, hyenas,fox, barking deer, birds, snakes. This place will make you feel as if you have entered a forest. It has dense greenery and many water bodies. Birsa Zoological Park is divided into two by National Highway. The larger area is the home of wild animals and the smaller area is thoroughly a botanical section. You can explore this place on foot or can go for battery operated car. There is also a man made lake inside the zoo with boating facility. 

Birsa Deer Park: Birsa Deer Park is situated on the Ranchi-Khunti road near Hatia. This park has many species of deer, has picturesque surroundings and nice pathways. The park’s main attraction is the safari that provides a nice view of the roaming deers throughout the park. 


Nakshatra Van: Nakshatra Van park is located front of the Jharkhand Raj Bhavan/Governor’s Residence in Ranchi. I didn’t visit this park.

JSCA International Stadium Complex: Do you know that it’s the JSCA International Stadium that has brought world cricket to the Ranchi city. This is India’s one of the best stadiums and is very beautifully constructed.

Muta Crocodile Breeding Center: This park is situated at a distance of 23 km from Ranchi on the Ranchi Ramgarh Road in Ormanjhi. This Crocodile breeding center is built in a small rivulet amidst green jungles and is the breeding ground of rare species of crocodiles. Overall, a very calm and serene place to spend some time in the lap of nature. We didn’t visit this place though and decided to give it a miss.

Waterfalls: Ranchi is called the city of Waterfalls and lakes as there are several beautiful waterfalls located in the close vicinity of Ranchi city like Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls and Panchaghagh Falls. All these waterfalls are a must visit place for photo Fanatics and Nature Lovers. Best time to visit the falls is during monsoons when the fall is in its full glory. 

Hundru Falls is located at a distance of 45 km from Ranchi on Ranchi-Purulia Road and is a famous picnic spot. Here, the river Subarnarekha falls down from a height of 320 feet height and at the base of the fall, there is a pool where people enjoy in water. You have to descend some 750 stairs to reach the foot of the waterfalls.

Hundru Falls

Jonha Falls which is also known as Gautamdhara falls is located 40 km away from Ranchi and is named after the village Jonha.

Jonha Falls

Dassam falls is located at a distance of 34 km away from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata Road near the Taimara Village. This fall is called Dassam falls because Dassam means ten and here you will see ten streams of water falling together from a great height and this place is called Dassam Garh. Here the river Kanchi falls from a height of 144 ft and then slides down the rocks. You need to descend some 230 steps to reach to the base of the falls. The sound of the falling water echoes through the entire region. This fall looks absolutely mesmerizing during monsoons when the water falls from a great height with full flow.

dassam falls nn

Panchgarh Falls is located at a distance of 55 kms from Ranchi in the Khunti district on the Ranchi-Chakradharpur Road. This fall consists of five beautiful cascades in a row. Surrounded by lush green forest, this fall is a famous picnic spot. Water doesn’t fall from great heights here. 

Sita Falls: This fall is adjacent to Jonha falls.

Hirni Falls is a beautiful fall located  at a distance of about 80 kms from Ranchi.

This City gave us our Captain Cool Mr. M.S. Dhoni : Our Captain Cool Mr. M S Dhoni hails from Ranchi and guys, no one can deny this fact that it is the great Mr. M S Dhoni who made Ranchi even more famous. Check out Mr Dhoni’s beautiful home in Harmu Road in Ranchi. 

Whenever we go to Ranchi, we make it a point to visit Punjab Sweet House which is one of the oldest restaurants of Ranchi located on the Main Road. I am specially a big fan of Moong Ki Daal ka Halwa here. Literally all the types of mouthwatering sweets dishes and chaats are served here.

Punjab Sweets House Ranchi


Location: Jharkhand, India

Climate: During Summers, temperatures sore upto 42°C, while winters experience a temperatures between 6°C °C to 25 degrees. December and January are the coolest months, with temperatures dipping to the freezing point in some areas. Monsoon season in ranchi is from June to September.

How to get there:

Ranchi is well connected to other cities through rail, roads and air.

By Air: There is a Birsa Munda International Airport IXR located in Hinoo which is just 7 km away from Ranchi. It is the only airport in this city. There are daily flights to Ranchi from most of the major cities of India.

By Rail: Ranchi Railway Station is the main station of Ranchi. Apart from that, other stations in Ranchi are Hatia Station, Tatisilwai Station and Namkom Station.

By Road: Ranchi is well connected to other cities by roads too. There are a number of State Highway and REO roads connecting one place of the district with other places within and outside the district.

Much Love, Neha

Neha Bhatt Bhagat

I am Neha, a Travel, Fashion and a Lifestyle Blogger based out of Bengaluru, India. I am a Fashionable soul, a compulsive Traveler, a foodie and a Cat Lover.

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