We spend so much money on purchasing handbags and all we want is our handbag to look new and last for years. Splurging money on a handbag, designer or not, is not an issue. Be it a Chanel Bag or a non branded one, all we want is to look it like a new bag. The main thing is how to take the utmost care of handbag so that it will last for years. If we don’t take care of them, then the wear and tear will start showing on the bags in sometime. So, lets check out some of the top tips on maintaining handbags:learning how to preserve and properly care for these investment items.

1. Store your handbags properly at home: It is important to store the handbag properly at home when not in use as this will keep the bag in good condition for years to come. Don’t keep your handbags beneath the piles of clothes or throw it at the bottom of your closet. Don’t do that as they’ll last longer only if stored the right way. Make sure to properly store your handbag in your closet in an upright position.

2 . Keep handbag in a dust bag/pillow case: Designer bags comes prepacked in a dust cover. But, those who don’t get a dust cover with their bag, please take notice. A dust cover bag is a soft bag which comes with a drawstring tie and protect the bag from dust, scratches and other damages. So, invest in a dust bag. If you don’t want to purchase a dust bag, then you can use a soft pillow case for the same. 

3. Never ever store your handbags in plastic polythene or vinyl: This is a very important point. Never ever store your handbag in a plastic or vinyls as they are moisture resistant and traps wetness. What this means is that using plastic to store your bags may cause mold which is something you never want, right? 

4. Store them in dry place: Always store your bags in a neat, clean and dry place. Dont keep them in a hot, humid or damp environment, or in direct sunlight. 

5. Stuff your bag: Make it a point to stuff your hand bag with either lots of tissue paper, or sweaters, or scarves to keep it in good shape. If you have any removable straps, then you can unclip it also. Cross the handles over each other to avoid wear and tear on the bag. 

6. Remove Stains the Right Way: If you spot stains on your bag, then clean it right away. To clean food stains on the bag, take some powdered white chalk and then cover the stain with that powder and let it sit on the stain overnight. In the morning, brush it off with a clean cloth. And the stains should be gone. If Oil stains are there on your bag, then take a bit of cornstarch and rub it on the stain which will help the oil absorb. After that, simply brush the powder off with a clean cloth.

7. Never over clean your bag: If you over clean your bag, then build-up of chemical products will ruin the material of the bag.

8. Avoid touching your handbag with dirty hands: By not touching your hands with dirty hands, you will prevent dirt, natural oil and grime to spread on your handbag. Also, Avoid touching your bag if you have lotion or cream on your hand.

9. Never put your handbag on the floor: You have spent so much money on that beauty, then how can you put it on floor. Remember, floor is full of germs and dirt, so not only to maintain the handbag but also for hygiene reason, make it a point to always place your handbag either on the back of your chair, or on your lap or on a neighboring seat but never on floor.

10. Use a small pouch: Keep things like keys, cosmetics, jewellery, pen in a pouch first and then keep it inside the bag. The pouch will protect the handbag lining from spills and also keep you organized to boot. 

11. Swap out your bags from time to time: If you use a particular bag all the time, then it is going to wear out soon. So, the best way to protect a handbag is to keep swap it with another one fom time to time! 

 If you have some ideas, feel free to comment below!

Much Love, Neha

Neha Bhatt Bhagat

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