How is your life going on and how is this lockdown treating you guys? If you ask me, my last two weeks have been quite tough. Well, I got myself tested and though my Rt-pcr and CT Scan test came negative (a sigh of relief) but my symptoms were showing something else. So, upon my doc’s advice, I have been taking a lot of medicines to combat my symptoms of cough, breathlessness and cold. I am feeling much much better now and hopefully will get well soon. Anyways, we all are living in this complicated time of lockdown where we cannot be together with our friends or relatives on their special occasions. We also cannot step out of the house in search of that perfect gift for our loved ones. But thanks to technology, it has become so easier more than ever to send a meaningful and useful gift online. So, if you are looking out for some thoughtful gift ideas for birthdays, then check out this amazing list of gifts which I have curated.


Birthday is an important occasion in one’s life. And there is no better way to show someone you care and love by sending them gifts. If you are looking to send your friend or relative something sweet, then check out these below mentioned thoughtful gift ideas which are sure to remind them that you’re thinking of them. Stick to social distancing measures and send a gift online straight to their door.


THOUGHTFUL ONLINE GIFT IDEAS FOR BIRTHDAYS nehabhattbhagat theinstylejournal

You can never go wrong with a lovely bouquet of flowers. I think flowers tops the list of best gift ideas for birthdays!

Birthdays are special and sending effervescent flower bouquets to your loved ones is one of the most affectionate ways of expressing your love and would surprise them beyond limits. Indeed, there is nothing better than getting beautiful fresh blooms delivered at your doorstep for a special occasion. There are plethora of online floral company which offers different types of bouquets! Send your loved one a lovely floral arrangement from Ferns and Petals to lift their spirits up.

THOUGHTFUL ONLINE GIFT IDEAS FOR BIRTHDAYS nehabhattbhagat theinstylejournal


THOUGHTFUL ONLINE GIFT IDEAS FOR BIRTHDAYS nehabhattbhagat theinstylejournal
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Plants make for a beautiful, natural and refreshing gifts on all occasions especially during birthdays. You can gift green plants to your loved ones which will brighten up their days while helping them stay close to nature. Gifting a plant will show your loved ones that you care about their health. There are so many online websites from where you can choose cute plants to gift your loved ones. One such online platform is Ferns and Petals from where you can choose from a wide variety of bright and lovely plants available on their website.

Personalized Gifts

THOUGHTFUL ONLINE GIFT IDEAS FOR BIRTHDAYS nehabhattbhagat theinstylejournal
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Next in line are personalized gifts. Make your friends/relatives birthday’s memorable by sending them personalized gifts as per their needs and bring a big smile on their face. Personalized gifts are indeed incredibly special as they are unique and specially customized for your beloved. There are umpteen websites online which can make the personalized gift hunting process for your loved ones a lot easier. You can send personalized cushions, mugs, travel accessories, personalized pen holder, photo frames, photo lamps, key chains, wooden engraved pictures, LED cushions and what not!  These gifts will make your dear ones feel loved and realize that you took efforts to choose something so creative and thoughtful for their special day.

Birthday Cake

THOUGHTFUL ONLINE GIFT IDEAS FOR BIRTHDAYS nehabhattbhagat theinstylejournal

Of course, a birthday can’ be complete without a delicious birthday cake. There are different varieties of cakes with different flavors, tastes, and colors available online. A lovely birthday cake can put a huge smile on the birthday person’s face. Also, a personalized birthday cake is the best choice as a birthday gift because it makes a special connection with the sender. You can even pull a grand gesture by ordering an online midnight birthday cake alongside other gifts.

Instax Camera

An Intax camera makes for a cute and unique birthday gift for your photo enthusiastic friend. This selfie camera produces instant credit card size photos. 

Celebrity Shout – outs

This is the newest trend these days. If you have a friend or relative who is really crazy about a particular celeb, then you can try out celeb shout out feature which is quite in vogue these days. Well, I am not too fond of this celeb shout-out feature, but you can definitely try it out for your celeb crazy folks. It goes like this, you need to pay a little amount of money and in return, your friend will receive a short, personalized greeting message from his/her favorite celebrity. You can try out Celefi or Tring India for this.

Well, in my opinion, every relationship, be it with your friends, relatives, better halves, is important and has the utmost beauty attached to it. And hence, it is very important to nurture those relationships also. You need to make your beloved feel special and loved. And when it comes to these special people birthdays, try to make their day special in any manner which you feel will give them happiness. Above are the gift ideas which I think will help you in deciding your appropriate gift for your loved ones.

These were some of the best online gift ideas for birthdays.

In the end, just keep this in mind that its not an expensive gift which is significant, rather it is the emotions! The fact that you have spared time thinking about their perfect gift and chosen it for them is what makes it all the more special. So, treat your loved ones with some amazing birthday gift and make them happy and special.

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