No matter how expensive your shoes are they will eventually begin to wear off with time. So, what’s the solution for that? Solution is simple, if you take proper care of your shoes, they will last longer. Well, you can keep your shoes in great shape for a longer duration of time with the below mentioned easy steps. 

Storage: How you keep your shoes plays an important role in maintaining its longevity. It’s best to buy a shoe closet and put your shoes on the shelves of closet or in custom-built cubicles. You can buy shoe closet from Amazon India.HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR EXPENSIVE SHOES

Hanging Shoe Bag: You can also keep your shoes in a hanging shoe bag with many pockets and hang it at the back of a door. This will keep your shoes in perfect condition. hanging-shoe-closet

Clean them regularly: It means dusting your shoes regularly at least once a week to keep them in good condition and don’t allow dust particles to settle on them. If you allow your shoes to be at one place without dusting them, then it will lead to wear and tear. Always make sure to always wipe your shoes clean with tissue paper before putting them away in the closet. Remove dust with a soft brush as soon as you are home. After cleaning with brush, take a damp sponge and wipe your shoes with it and let them dry. After your shoes gets dried off, put them in closet. Also, clean the insides of the shoes too.

Air them: Once you are home, don’t just put your shoes inside a closet right away. Rather, keep it aside and let it breathe for an hour before keeping them in a closet. Please allow your shoes to breathe.

Don’t store in hot or air tight environment: Don’t keep your shoes under hot and air-tight conditions. This will spoil them and make them peel soon. Once in a while, take them out and dry them in open space so as allow them breathe. 

Protect from rain and moisture: Take special care not to allow your shoes to get wet. Take special care if you are wearing high gloss finish shoes as these are particularly more susceptible to cracking. You can also spray your new shoes with a waterproof protector before going out as it will keep the shoes surface from getting spoiled in case they get wet in the rain. Also, damp environment is harmful for your shoes as damp environment will breed germs which can choose your shoes as a good environment to live and reproduce. So, never place shoes in damp/wet places. 
Polish them: If you think your shoes will keep shining at all times without polish, how wrong you are. Shoes need to be polished to preserve their quality and appearance.
Stuff them to maintain their shape: In order to maintain the shoe shape, keep your shoes stuffed with newspaper. You can also use a pair of shoe trees. When you are done wearing them, store them in a box. Avoid placing one over the top of other, this will not only keep them in shape but also keep them free from scratches, flaking and fading. Always store the shoes in a place where there is no pressure over them.
Place your shoes in shoebox only: You know why you are given the shoe box along with the shoes? To ensure the proper storage of shoes. So never throw away the shoe box that come with your expensive shoes and keep your shoe sin it only. All the shoe boxes have an air vent and enough space for your shoes. 

Hose Liners: Wear a hose or sock liners as this will protects your shoes against perspiration, which erodes insoles. 

Add rubber soles: Whenever you buy expensive shoes, make sure to add a layer of soles to the shoes so that they last longer and will not wear out quickly. Also, walk carefully in escalators, and stairs.

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