Goa is called the beach paradise of India and is synonymous with beautiful sunsets, pristine landscapes, beaches, historical forts and monuments. But apart from this, Goa is also a diver’s paradise and is an ideal destination for scuba diving in India because of its perfect blend of warm and safe Arabian waters and the easy dive sites. If you go for Scuba Diving in Goa, then you will definitely be blown away by the mystic charm of the underwater world in Goa that will sooth your nerves and give you the much deserving thrill you are looking for. 

The underwater world in Goa is incredibly beautiful with colorful gamut of flora and fauna and mesmerizing aquatic life.

Also, you will get to see several mystical fragments of drowned ships and their wreckage deep beneath the underwater of Goa.

If you want to experience the flora and fauna and to discover the mystery behind the pristine underwaters of Goa, then go for scuba diving in Goa. Explore under water nature at its best only with Mojhi.com

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Make your scuba diving experience an ever lasting memorable one with Mojhi. Mojhi will provide you with a variety of options of professional Scuba diving operators in Goa who will help you in exploring the underwaters of Arabian sea in the safest manner possible. They will first give you training about diving and also arrange all the required Scuba gear and transport for your diving. What’s more? There are Scuba diving courses for non-swimmers and kids too.

Ok, if you are amongst those who haven’t tried their hands at scuba diving yet, let me throw some light on it for you. Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which a scuba diver uses a self contained underwater breathing apparatus which is called scuba to breathe underwater. First of all, you will need a good dive shop and training center in Goa that offers a wide range of SSI and PADI certification courses. In this, there will be a pool session for one hour a day prior to the dive in which they will teach you about the use of equipment, breathing underwater, regulator removal, regulator recovery, mask clearing, alternate air source use and some basics for underwater swimming. 

Best Time for Diving: 

The best time to enjoy Scuba Diving in Goa is from Mid October to mid April when the Arabian waters are serene and crystal clear with water temperatures ranging from 27-30° C making diving a comfortable experience. The depth for scuba diving in Goa ranges from 3-30 m. Whether you are a novice or an expert at diving, there are options for everyone. Mentioned below are thediving spots in  Goa that will make your dive in Arabian waters memorable and thrilling.

Expert Scuba Divers:

These two dive centers Reef of Uma Guma and Davy Jones Lockers are ideal for the experienced divers only as there is a lot of risk involved here. These two spots are home to a variety of marine life including sharks.

  • Davy Jones Lockers: Here the divers are able to dive upto a depth of 11m – 18m. This place is a home to a beautiful marine life like Barracudas, groupers, schools of fish like mullets, jacks, tuna.
  • Reef of Uma Guma: This place is only for very expert divers. Here the divers are able to dive to a depth of 12m – 18m. The currents are high and water is infested most of the times. You will get to see Reef sharks and other amazing aquatic life like Schooling snappers, collared butterfly fish, groupers, barracuda, jacks, tuna, batfish and occasional Sharks.

Beginner Scuba divers: 

Beginner Scuba divers should go to diving spots like Bounty Bay, Shelter Cove, Grand Banks Dive Site. Here divers are able to dive to a depth between 4m – 9m. 

  • At Bounty Bay: At Bounty Bay, you will get to see Lobsters, crabs, trigger fish, peacock groupers and Sting Rays.
  • Shelter Cove Dive Site: Here you will get the chance to spot Stonefish, cuttle fish, lionfish, snappers, sergeant major, Squid, parrotfish, damsels, lobsters, angelfish, sweetlips.
  • Grand Banks Dive Site: Here, you will get the chance to spot Whip corals, table corals are every where. Groupers, Butterfly fish, Banner fish, Puffers and Blennie

Intermediate to Expert Scuba divers:

  • Sail Rock Dive site:  Here the divers are able to dive to a depth of 8m – 24m and you will be enchanted by the sight of  sharks, blue ringed angers, Barracudas, bannerfish, Groupers, Red Snappers, Red tooth triggers and Moorish idols.

Expert to beginner Scuba divers:

This dive spot Wreck of Suzy is suitable for novice as well as experienced divers. Wreck of Suzy is actually a 30 m long World War ruin. Here the divers are able to dive to a depth of 3m – 15m. You will be mesmerized by the marine life there ranging from snappers bat-fish, barracudas, parrot-fish, blennies, angelfish, stone-fish, nudibranchs and Moorish idols. 

So, what are you waiting for? Scuba dive is quite fun and easy with experienced and trained instructors. Just follow the instructions and guidelines given by the instructors and there is nothing to worry at all.

Diving in Goa will give you really amazing opportunity to watch and enjoy the mysterious and unexplored beauty of the underwater world of Goa.

For further swooning, check out – www.mojhi.com.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

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  1. Neha I have done sea walking in Pattaya but never gathered the courage to try out Scuna diving because I do not know how to swim.I definitely want to see the beautiful under sea with all those fishes but it seems really scary.

  2. Grand Banks Dive Site sounds like a beautiful experience – and entirely suitable to my ‘beginner’ status, having never been scuba diving before! Have a great weekend!


  3. Place looks amazing! I’m afraid of going too deep in the water because I’m not sure if my ears would handle the pressure. I would love to scuba though. :))


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