Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the adventure of traveling and delving into the unknown and my love for travel and exploration turned me into a travel blogger. Next month I am going to Malaysia which is home to superlative attractions, pristine beaches, colonial architecture and an incredible wildlife. Being a travel blogger, my dream is to discover the unexplored and then pass on the useful insights to people to help them make the most out of their holidays in a budgeted way.


Check out my tips on how to save money while traveling

1) Travel Itinerary: Itinerary helps a lot in staying organized and managing the time. Having a vague idea about the travel time to various attractions and visiting places that are near to each other helps in saving money and time.


2) Manage the expenditures: I always estimate the cost of my travel beforehand as it makes it easier to plan my budget.

3) Have a Travel Fund: I have a dedicated travel fund separate from my regular saving account where I deposit money every month for my travel based expenses.

4) Travel off-season: Traveling during the off-season costs less and makes sightseeing a better experience because of less crowd.


5) Be flexible with flights and hotels: Save money by flying red eye, midweek, flying with stops instead of direct flight. Watch out for deals on hotels/airfares and book rooms and tickets in advance. Booking through travel websites helps in acquiring cheap airfare, a hotel reservation, and rental car in a package, which further saves money.

6) Money and Travel Insurance: Keep two copies of all documents while traveling and scanned copies in the email so that you can access them whenever you want. Also, things may go wrong on your trip, so always have travel insurance to cover the trip essentials and travel smarter and safer.

My goal is to take two to three trips every year without breaking the bank and that’s why I have chosen Birla Sun life ‘Sabse Important Plan’™ (SIP) to fund my travel expenses. Check out the best sip plans at I was recommended my Holiday portfolio on the basis of my age, risk appetite, earrings, savings and the time duration for which I would like to invest towards my goal. All I have to do is to stick to the recommended portfolio. This is the simplest way of investing in top SIP plans.In SIP investment plan, you reach your goals by investing regular savings every month. Mutual Fund companies offer SIP’s to help investor invest regularly in a disciplined way. Birla Sun Life has best mutual funds for SIP for different needs of an individual which provides better returns in the long term based on investor’s risk profile.

Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to fulfill and these goals need a smart planning. SIP (Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life) is indeed your one-stop solution for fulfilling your dreams.

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing

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  1. Great tips! In the last few years I’ve also started a travel fund so I have better control of my all my expenses and don’t go over spending. It still surprises me that some people think traveling can’t be done on a budget but it totally can!

  2. Great content and love your thoughts on this post
    💗💗Thank you so much💗💗
    Hope you had an amazing weekend!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts and thank you!!

  3. These are all great tips! I think traveling off season is the best way anyways besides saving money but it’s also less crowded. I always like to see places when its less touristy anyways!

  4. So good, dear Neha, that you will go to Malaysia! Yes, traveling to a place and then nearby is really good, and saves costs! I loved your sneakers! You always look so sweet and beautiful! I wish you a lovely day!

  5. Really great and useful tips! I agree with everything on your list. Usually when I travel, I also research the place beforehand. I also love the hoodie you are wearing, so cute!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

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