I am so happy as Blogadda has honored me with their prestigious Notable Newbie award. Thank you so much BLOGADDA for giving me this NOTABLE NEWBIE AWARD 2016.


I am so euphoric that my blog The Instyle Journal is being appreciated so much by the reader’s community. 

Want to know me? Then Read on….

Let me tell you that I started blogging in Jan’16 but never started it on purpose. It was just like any other hobby for me. In fact, writing about my personal thoughts and posting my personal photos on a public platform was absolutely the last thing I would ever consider doing. 

But with every passing day my passion for blogging grew more and more and what I started as a hobby has achieved a different meaning all together now. It has become my passion.

Right Now, I am an Investment Manager working in a corporate sector and of course a part time blogger. But I am going to be a full time blogger soon. So, from a mere experiment to a career, blogging has indeed come a long way for me.

You know what I find best about blogging? 

 It’s the love and the appreciation I receive from my fellow bloggers and my followers, and trust of people which I have gained when they ask me a query over mail, or through whatsapp or here in comment section about a place I have been to or a product I use. I am delighted that the information provided by me is helping the people in one way or the other.

So, from getting zero people visits to umpteen numbers of visits on my blog to getting this Notable Newbie award was something which I had never ever thought of. I am so very overwhelmed that my blog is getting recognized and accepted by the Blogger’s Community. I am striving to make my blog a very successful one.

So, thanks to everyone who has read and commented on my posts, who have liked, shared and re tweeted my posts and recommended my blog to others.

Check out some Photos  

neha notable newbie


So, thank you so very much all of you for reading my blog.

If You love my blog, then connect with me.

Much Love, Neha


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