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I recently got the chance to try out Odiva products and have some thoughts to share with you all. Odiva sent me some beautiful stuffs like nail paints, nail paint remover wipes, nail experts wipes and after shave lotion wipes. 

About Odiva: Odiva is an Indian brand & offers unique and exciting products for women and men. Its range of cosmetics includes nail paints, nail polish remover wipes, after shave wipes etc. Odiva’s goal is to provide customers with outstanding personal service, while combining high quality and value. Odiva’s make sure that your manicure products and wipes are free of harmful chemicals. You can get Odiva’s products from Snapdeal, Nykaa, Amazon India, Flipkart.

Let me show you what all Odiva has sent me.

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish:

I received five beautiful shades of Odiva’s nail paints which are Saint D’or, LBD, Charming Affair, Cherry Pie and Passion Pink. These nail paints have an exquisite gel finish formula which gives smooth and gorgeous coverage and high pigment perfection in just one stroke. You can now get salon finish gel nails at the convenience of your home with these professional finish gel paints. They are long lasting, don’t chip off, shiny and has an amazing texture. Their nail paints are slightly pricey but so worth the money. What’s more?  They are chemical free too and are of good quality. Though all the five shades are lovely but the real standouts for me are Saint D’or and Charming Affair.

Price : Rs 300 for 11 ml

Saint D’or: The Saint D’or shade is a very gorgeous one and it won my heart over from the very first day itself. This one is a grey color nail polish. The formula is very pigmented and you get opaque color in a single coat only. This nail polish has medium consistency which is not too runny nor too thick and dries off quickly in some seconds. It applies easily and evenly on the nails. The color pay off is really good and stays on my nails for 3-4 days after that I need to retouch.

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish – 13 Lbd: I love black nail paints a lot. This one is a charcoal black color and is richly pigmented and non streaky. It is really smooth and requires only two coats for that perfect black gel finish. This nail polish has medium consistency which is not too runny nor too thick.

Charming Affair: This is a dark pink colored nail polish and belongs to charming affair series. It is specially formulated to offer smooth, even, long lasting color with a gorgeous professional finish. It is super pigmented and two coats give a perfect opaque finish.

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish – 01 Cherry Pie: Cherry Pie is a rich red color with a glossy finish. It belongs to Odiva’s cherry pie series. Only two coats are enough to get that perfect manicured look and it dries smooth.

Odiva Gel Finish Nail Polish – 08 Passion Pink: This pink colored nail polish belongs to Odiva passion pink series. Odiva Passion pink nail paint has a glossy finish and you will get opaque color in a two to three coats.

My Recommendation: All the five shades which I have received from Odiva are alluring and I am totally impressed with Odiva’s nail paint collection. The nail paints bottles are cute, transparent and has a tight black opaque plastic cap which makes it a travel friendly product. For easy identification, the name of the shade is engraved at the bottom of the bottle. The applicator is just perfect, its neither too thin nor too thick and allows for precise and neat application. A single coat lasts about three to four  before first signs of nail tip wear but if you do two coats and seal it with a top coat, these easily wear upto eight days without any chipping.

Odiva Nail Polish Remover:

Price : Rs 120 for 30 Pads

Ingredients: Methyl Propane diol, Water, Methyl Ethanoate, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dena onium Benzoate.

Earlier I had the habit of using liquid removers to get that paint off my nails. Not only this method was messy, but dangerous also for the nails. Whether you use acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover, they are both an organic liquid solvent. Acetone is quite tough but in the end both options are quite harsh for the nails. But once I was introduced to Odiva nail polish remover pads, there was no looking back. Odiva sent me a pack of nail polish remover pads and it has 30 pads. The product is acetone-free and vitamin-E enriched. The pads are soaked in moisturizing oil which strengthens the nails. Only precaution you need to take is to keep these away from sunlight and close the lid tightly after use. 

My Recommendation: I am totally impressed with these wipes and I highly recommend this. It wipes the nail polish off my nails instantly without drying them out. Since it has Vitamin E so it helps to prevent excessive dryness around the nails. Overall, it’s affordable and travel friendly product and one single pad is good for ten nails. 

ODIVA Nail Experts:

Price: Rs 130 for 10 pads.

There is now no need to use those harmful acetone based removers on your nails when you have nail expert wipes. These nail enamel remover wipes comes in individual sachets which makes them very easy to carry and hence these are very much travel friendly. They are thin enough to slip into any purse, backpack, or sweatshirt pocket. It has got a shelf life of 18 months. Usually removers tend to evaporate very quickly but these wipes have got a very slow evaporation rate and they don’t dry out over time.

My Recommendation: I really love this product as these wipes removes the nail polish from my nails completely with ease. It also strengthens the nails and prevents excessive dryness around the nails. One wipe is good enough to clean ten nails. Another positive point is I can easily carry them in my handbag. 

Odiva After Shave Wipes for men:

Price: 25 Sachets for Rs 260 

These hydrating aftershave wipes are individually packaged and contain just the right amount of liquid which makes them an easy post shave solution. Wipe cloth is gentle, mess free, soothes the skin and heals those shaving nicks, cuts and bumps. It quickly improves the skin’s appearance and provides a smooth dry feel. Just gently massage into your face and neck and pat till dry and you’ll notice a considerable difference between a smooth shave and that with bumps and redness. Please keep them in cool/dark place under 25°C and don’t use them near flame or while smoking since it is flammable. 

My Recommendation: My hubby has used and quite liked it. So, a big thumbs up to this product. It has a great fragrance which instantly uplifts the mood and provides vitality and freshness. It is treated with antioxidants and vitamins in an innovative formulation that balances the skin and leaves a replenished non-greasy after feel.

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Much Love, Neha

*Content is written by me and all the photos belong to me.

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  1. Oh, wow, this is a new brand for me and I already loved it! You are so right, Saint D’Or is for me the best color and I am glad that you got so many nice products, like the nail polish remover – I would love to get all the polishes and the remover too 🙂 I am so eager to go to India and “lose” myself in a shop with Indian brands! I am now writing down this Odiva and Lakme I am so eager to try! If I could, I would go now, but I have to carefully plan the trip, so many great things to see in India! Hope you have a very lovely day!

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