As we grow older, exercise and fitness become very important, not just in terms of how we look, but as a way to help prevent chronic illnesses. I love to remain fit and being an ardent fitness follower, I am always on lookout for tools that make it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle. Though I have had many fitness apps installed in my phone, yet I have been on a lookout for an all in one Health Fitness app infused with multiple features. While searching for such an app online, I came across MevoLife Health Fitness App and since then there was no looking back. I have been using this app for some time now. Now since I am very much satisfied with its overall performance, so I thought I must review it.

About MevoLife:

MevoLife is a health and fitness app that helps you to lose weight, keep a track on your fitness level, nutritional values, recipes, calories, and provide you with personalized fitness feedback based on your goals, workout and get healthy with your friends.

Founded by Ms. Khyati Mahajan, this is not just an app, it’s a complete lifestyle that complements one’s everyday living. This app is unarguably the most comprehensive app of its kind. It has some exclusive features like healthy choices at your favorite restaurants, protein shake tracker, weight loss tips etc. MevoLife saves you from the hassle of downloading different apps for different lifestyle purposes by combining all that you want in a single health and fitness app. It’s a great app that help you lose weight/build muscle and maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Why MevoLife is the best fitness app ?

1) Free Download:

MevoLife app is free to download on Android and iOS devices from Google Play Store. You need to sign on with an email or by using your Facebook/Google+ account to access the app. Once you sign in, you will be required to feed in your basic information like gender, age, weight, height and set your goals and also specify your lifestyle. The best part is you will get a bonus of 1500 credits for signing up with MevoLife.

2) Easy User Interface:

MevoLife is the simplest and most intuitive all-in-one Health and Fitness app and has been beautifully designed and quite easy to set up, use and navigate. It has an incredibly easy user-friendly interface.


3) Clean Dashboard:

All the information is stored in dashboard which has a clean and flat design with a good use of bright orange color throughout the app.HEALTH FITNESS APP

4) Workouts, Exercise and Yoga:

From a comprehensive list of workout plans to steps to exercises to yoga, this app offers something for everyone.

  • Use this app to stay fit with thousands of exercises and workouts. The exercise section of the App has a 50+ workout plans & 500+ exercises for each body part. Also, there is a library of 20+ yoga sessions with a professional trainer too. The app comes with detailed instructions, a workout planner, an exercise log, progress tracker etc.


  • The app has an in-built steps tracker. It automatically track all the steps taken and let you know the amount of calories burnt. With the in-built pedometer, it synchronizes data with Fitbit and Google Fit so as to help individuals monitor the progress of their weight loss. Weight trackers help individuals to manage and lose weight easily.
  • Users have full access to exclusive exercise and health videos. MevoLife has a world class Yoga section with live videos, which is useful for beginners, intermediate and advanced Yoga enthusiasts.

5) Calories Counter:

No doubt, exercising is very important, but it won’t help in keeping your body fit unless you keep an eye on your diet as well. That’s why, MevoLife comes with a tracker which incorporates healthy recipes, meal plan recommendations, healthy dine out options, diet tips, and nutrition calories.

  • This app has a well-designed food diary which imparts a comprehensive picture of how many  calories you have gobbled up during the day. Based on your personal information, you will also be informed about how much of your recommended intake remains, and the calories you have burnt by exercising, footsteps you keep and even glasses of water you drink. The dashboard shows total calorie intake as well as the breakdown of carbs, protein and fat.
  • MevoLife has a comprehensive nutrition database of over 500K+ foods with an extensive collection of healthy recipes. You can also create your own meal. What’s more? Log your preferred item easily with just one-click and also get advice on your eating patterns from an automated coach.
  • The app has a barcode scanner for packaged foods.

  • This App also offers a feature called Meal challenges where users can create or participate in challenges.
  • It also gives quick tips for losing weight.
  • This app offers a weekly, monthly as well as a yearly summary view, which shows total calories consumed each day and total averages for each month as well as year which helps you to track your overall progress.


6) Social Community:

The app has a social community where likeminded people, friends and training buddies share health tips, meal plans, motivate each other to stick to their goals and workout schedules. The app focuses on calorie tracking & peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

7) Rewards:

This app lets you earn rewards points just by being more active and engaged and you can redeem those points at Mevo Shop to buy merchandise. You can also earn rewards by taking up a challenge or a quiz.

MevoLife has launched a Mevofit Drive band which can be easily connected via blue tooth and offers amazing features like tracking steps, calories, distance & active minutes. The band is light weight, skin friendly, splash proof and scratch tolerant.

Do I recommend MevoLife?

A Big Yes! If you don’t have time to hit the gym and is looking for an all-rounder app to motivate and coach you, helps you in tracking your progress and fitness, and also provides a social health community of training buddies, then try MevoLife.

MEVO is your true all round fitness coach that makes it easy and fun to get you fit. MevoLife Health Fitness App is your all-in-one fitness diary, a planner and a virtual coach. Just load your phone with MevoLife App and start getting more active and healthy on a daily basis. This app is the right choice for those who would like to maintain their fitness to embrace a healthy life style.

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Much Love, Neha


* Content written by me and all photos belong to Mevolife, kindly don’t replicate/reproduce.

Neha Bhatt Bhagat

I am Neha, a Travel, Fashion and a Lifestyle Blogger based out of Bengaluru, India. I am a Fashionable soul, a compulsive Traveler, a foodie and a Cat Lover.

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