Initially like every other blogger, I also kept on looking for different ways to monetize my blog. After all, who doesn’t love to get paid for writing. Yeah, of course, you can monetize your blog using google adsense and banner ads but it works only if your blog has very good traffic. I have been blogging for a year now, and a lot of new bloggers ask me every now and then about the effortless ways to monetize their blog. So, today I am going to introduce you to a platform called Influencers, which bridges the gap between brands and bloggers. So, if you want to connect with the most popular brands easily, then go for

Influencera Chennai based company, is a product of Social Beat which connects brands with bloggers. is India’s leading Influencer marketing platform that helps bloggers to monetize their content. Influencers boast of umpteen number of famous brands like Craftsvilla, Citibank, Viber,, Murugappa which are currently using this platform to reach out to bloggers and social Influencers and also more than 10,000 Influencers across various categories including Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Technology, Parenting, book etc.


Getting started with this platform is quite easy. Just head over to and click signup. After that, enter your basic information, blog, twitter & Instagram links, your blog traffic per month, field of interest and click submit and voila your profile is ready in 5 minutes! Also, don’t forget to fill up your bank account details, IFSC Code etc for easy payment of money. The registration is free but you need to have a blog in order to register yourself with them. Oh in case, if you don’t have your own domain, then or is fine too. One important point I would like to suggest you is to keep your profile updated by filling up all the fields. Doing this will not only affect your ranking on Influencer but also helps you in getting the right price for your blog post.  

Once you register yourself on Influencer, click on Live Campaign at the top. Here you will find a list of campaigns, their brief, deliverable, eligibility criteria and rewards. Now quote your price and apply for the campaign. Keep in mind that the campaign should be in conformance to your niche. Hereafter, just sit back and relax and will coordinate with the brand and inform you once the brand approves your application to write for them.

You will get a confirmation mail once the brand approves your application, following which you have to write a post and submit it to the brand for review or make the post live directly on your blog as per the brand suggestion. Once you make the post live on your blog, you have to keep a track of the the reach, engagements, visitors for the next ten days and submit the screenshot of the same to the brand. Influencer pays you after at least ten days of publishing the post and the payment will be send directly to your bank account. Also, if you have any enquiries or quotation requests, you can fill the form and their team will revert back to you at the earliest. Below is the screenshot of one live campaign for you:

My Experience : My experience of working with Influencers has been great. Till now, I have worked on several campaigns with them like Craftsvilla, Akira Ming, TruWeight, ShalinIndia, Stylemylo, Winkk Eyewear, Gehna and every time my experience has been great and I end up learning new things and working with new brands. Let me tell you that their user Interface is quite easy. And yes, the payment is super fast too. Unlike some other platforms, Influencers doesn’t take months to pay you the money or approve the draft. I get my money directly in my bank account with seven to ten working days without any hassles or reminders. In some cases, I have received money within five days also. Influencers is indeed a trusted platform and has an Alexa Rank of 271,732 globally and 18,892  in India. Till now, I have never had any problem with Influencer and I highly recommend it to you guys. 
Have you worked with Influencer yet? If yes, how was your experience ?
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Much Love, Neha


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  1. That is really such a great recommendation, dear Neha! Such a good thing that they are well ranked and that you have already worked in so many collaborations and got the payment fast! I like this Influencer policy, I think it’s trustable then! Will give it a try! Thank you for that! Hope you have a lovely day!

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