Nails play a very important role in making hands look beautiful. No doubt, nail treatments like Artificial Nail Extensions or Enhancements helps in completely changing the appearance of hands. My original nails are short and brittle and I have a very bad habit of biting my nails off. Hence, I always go for nail extensions as they make my hands look beautiful while adding length and strength to my natural nails. Nail extensions have now become an addiction for me and I have been getting it done from a long time. Last week, I got nail extensions done at Polished Salon and today I am going to share my experience with you all.


About Polished Boutique Nail Studio:

Polished Salon is a premium nail salon located at the prime location in Indira Nagar, Bangalore and has been founded by the beautiful Mrs Neela Bopaiah. Polished Boutique Nail Studio offers a plethora of services like manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, luxurious foot spa & reflexology rituals. You can also customize your treatment from their vast range of internationally acclaimed products ably combined with modern therapeutic techniques for an unforgettable experience.

After having a long discussion with Mrs Neela regarding the various types of nail extensions services available in the salon, I finally decided to go ahead with Gel Nail Extensions


What is a Nail Extension?

A nail extension is a plastic plate that follows the shape of the nail and is glued to the tip of the natural nail in order to add length. Acrylic, gel, fibreglass or another mixture is then applied on top of the extension and is usually ‘cured’ in order to secure the extension and add strength and shine.

Types of Nail Extensions 

Mrs Neela told me that Polished Nail Boutique deals in three types of nail extensions – Acrylic, Gel and Silk Nail Extensions. Acrylic Nails are known for their significant durability and good staying power and they will come off by itself in two weeks. Then there is Fiberglass/silk wraps extensions in which fiberglass is used which is a very thin grid like material. In this type of extension, the fiberglass or silk is cut and then fit on the nail bed or tip, before sealing them into position using resin or glue. The thinness causes the extension to more closely resemble a natural nail therefore fiberglass nails are less detectable during wear than acrylic nails. Nail Extensions can be either tips or where tips only cover only the end of the nail, while forms cover the entire surface of the nail. 

What are Gel Nails?

Gel Nail Extensions is done by applying gel over natural nails for elongation. Gel nails have a nail polish like consistency and are brushed onto the nail or nail tips. After that, they must be placed under an ultraviolet light to harden. They are used to lengthen short nails, strengthen them, and make fingers look long and slender. They provide the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails. So, they are stronger than natural nails but not that much rigid like acrylics.

I went for gel nails because they last longer and look better than the acrylic nails and can easily stays on my nails for three weeks in a perfect condition. Also, Gel nail mixtures lack the fumes associated with acrylic nails hence they’re considered a safer, more eco-friendly option. Since gel adheres like a polish so water and sweat will not have that much impact on gel nails. Also, Gels are more expensive than acrylics as a result of being more durable.


Gel nails usually upto last three weeks with good care after which you need to go for a refill. After three weeks nails grow out and leave a gap at the base of the nail and you have to get the infills done.


Experts at this wonderful salon deeply care for their client’s well being and hence they make sure that the products they use should not cause any unpleasant side effects such as skin irritation, allergic reactions to more serious implications on the health of their clients. All their products are toxins free and don’t contain harmful chemicals like Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. The best part is they use only high quality products. 

 How to remove the extensions?

Never ever try to remove extensions on your own because they are glued to your natural nails and you may end up hurting your real nails while removing the extensions. If you want to get your gel nails removed, go to a nail technician. While acrylic nails are removed by soaking nails in acetone, Gel nails cannot be removed by this method. So always make sure to visit a professional preferably the technician who applied your gel nail extensions in the first place.

My Experience of Gel Nail Extension at Polished Nail Studio

Time Taken to do the entire process : Two and half hours

1) First step is applying anti fungal on nails. Artificial nails are easier targets for fungal nail infections, so in order to avoid contracting an infection, the nail technician at Polished salon first sanitized my hands and cleaned my nails thoroughly using anti fungal and prepare it to be the base for the nail extensions. Preparing nails is extremely important because if not done properly, your extensions will start to lift from your natural nail. 

2) Next, she used Hansen’s instant cuticle remover on my nails and then treated my cuticles. 

3) Next the nail technician filed back my natural nails a little bit and cut my nails short.

4) After that, the technician buffed my nails. Since the shell created by the fine layers of gel are thinner than the thick plastic of acrylic extensions, therefore gel nail extensions require the natural nail to be buffed much less than acrylic nails.  

5) After that, nail tips are fitted to be an exact match for my original nails.

6) Then, the nail tips are glued midway from the original nail bed. As a result the extensions grow along with your original nails.

7) After the extensions are glued, she used nail clipper to cut down the nails to the length I desired. My nails were then trimmed and filed to give them a square shape.

8) She then applied a base layer of Brisa Gel onto my nails and then kept my nails under LED Gel hardener machine. Then another coat of Brisa Sculpting gel is applied on my nails which is  a strong yet flexible gel formulation that is designed to look and behave like the natural nail. This gel is used to create the extension of desired length and shape.

If you are clumsy and pretty hard on your nail, then opt for gel color polish instead of regular polish. This is because regular polish would start to look dull and wear off from the tips and sides after few days. With gel nail polish, my nails stay super shiny for the full two weeks.

If you have short, weak or brittle nails, then you can go for gel nail extensions at Polished Nail Boutique. I went for gel nails as they don’t cause damage to the natural nails. Gel nails also strengthen, protects and promote growth in the natural nails. Also, gel nails are safe, odorless and more flexible and therefore prove more resistant to pressure. 

All the treatments at Polished Nail Studio maintain the highest standards of hygiene and follow a triple-sterilization process for the safety of their clients. 

Nail technician also gave me several tips to maintain my extensions and make them last longer. She told me that regular back fills are required to keep nails in proper shape. Also wear gloves if you are going to have your hands submerged in water for extended periods of time. It will help in keeping nails in good condition. Also, make it a point to quickly dry the skin underneath your nails after washing your hands. This will help stop the water lifting the extensions from your nail. Applying hand cream and oil will keep your nail extension shiny.  

Overall it was such a relaxing and indulgent experience at Polished Boutique Nail Studio. I can safely say now that when it comes to nails, I only trust Polished Nail Studio. I loved their service and the pricing is pretty reasonable too. You too make sure that your nails remain perfectly polished always by taking a trip to Polished Boutique Nail Studio. They give you lovely, natural looking nails which you have always desired ! The excellent services and friendly staff will make you feel very special. The welcoming and luxurious decor at the nail salon is so relaxing. And, Neela, the owner of this Nail Studio goes out of her way to make everybody feel so special.

So girls, if you are looking for nail technicians and therapists who will truly listen to your requests and provide you with high-quality results, then try Polished Boutique Nail Studio. And trust me, once you try them, you will look no further. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Address: Polished – #1206, 2nd Floor, Mannan Arcade, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008  

Phone No: 080 4957 1914 ,+91 90088 843

It’s the Second Anniversary of Polished Nail Studio, so on the successful completion of two years, you will get an approx 15% off on all services above Rs. 1000

 Connect with Polished : Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Much Love, Neha

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Neha Bhatt Bhagat

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