Every woman wants her hair to look sleek and beautiful. Are you amongst those who are blessed with voluminous and curly hair and you want to set them straight? Then rebonding is the option for you. 

Let me start is what hair rebonding is? Hair rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that involves chemically straightening the hair for obtaining permanent straight, shiny and sleek tresses. Re bonding gives your fuzzy unmanageable hair a clean, streamlined, and sleek appearance. The main reason girls go for hair rebonding is once you have done rebonding, you don’t have to use hair straightener everyday to straighten your hair. Those who have undergone hair rebonding has to take greater care of their hair than usual to keep them healthy and prevent hair loss.  

 Precautions to be taken after rebonding:

1. Don’t wet your hair after rebonding for 48 hours: It allows the procedure to set.
2. Don’t tie or clip your hair: After rebonding, don’t tie a rubber band or wear some other accessories in your hair for 48 hours and also don’t put your hair behind your ears as this can lead to bends in hair.
3. Shower Cap: Wear a shower cap while having a bath to prevent hair from becoming wet.
4. Sleep Properly: Take utmost care while sleeping to prevent any bends in hair. Sleep with your hair straightly placed over your bed or make it dangle till the floors in a straight way. 
5. Complimentary hair wash: Ask your hair stylist to give you first wash complimentary after straightening as this way your stylist can guage if they have done the straightening properly.
Shampoo and conditioner: Using shampoo and conditioner of a good brand is very important just after these 3 days. It is important to use the shampoo and conditioner of the same company. It is essential to apply the conditioners till the tip of the hair for a period of 5 minutes. After that, you must wash off your hair and see there is no residue.
Condition your hair once in a week
  • It is important to condition your hair which has been rebounded once in a week. You can also put a hair mask to get a glowing hair. It is important to keep the mask for some time. Now, you can easily wash it and get it towel dry. Hair conditioner and hair mask is very essential for your hair. This will bring back your shine in hair once again.

    • No electric instrument

    It is not at all good to heat your hair with electric instrument. It is not advisable to use even a hair dryer. You can use a cold source of energy to dry your hair. You can stand in front of sunlight and get your hair dried. It will be advisable to use brush for less time and softly so that your hair remains perfect even after years of rebonding activity. More movement in hair can cause tension.

    Hair care tips before and after rebonding hair

    The chemical treatment during rebonding hair disturbs the natural structure of the hair. Regular extra care is required after rebonding to protect the hair from damage

    • The hair should not be tied or placed behindthe ears.
    • Hair must be left straight while sleeping.
    • Shampoo and condition the hair with cold water after three days. Do not use hot water as it will make the scalp dry.
    • Heating tools like blow driers must not be used.
    • The most important thing is to follow is not to change the hair style for six months after rebonding.
    • All changes like colouring, streaking and highlighting of hair must be avoided for three months after rebonding the hair with chemicals.

    It is beneficial to have a hair cut before starting the procedure of rebonding. The hair  must be trimmed regularly to prevent split ends  after rebonding

    • A special wide toothed comb must be used to remove the tangles in the hair.
    • Shampoo should be done at intervals unless the hair becomes oily and frizzy.
    • Keep the rebounded hair covered with a hat or umbrella from the harsh rays of the sun, rains and cold breeze.
    • Use a serum to create a shield  to protect the hair from environmental hazards
    • Hair masks are helpful in keeping the hair moist and nourished.
    • Eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables   and proteins. It is advisable to avoid or limit oily and fried foods to preserve the health of the hair.Include nuts, cashews, and almonds as these help in keeping the hair healthy.

    Advantages and disadvantages of rebonding hair

    Rebonding makes the hair soft, silky and straight. It gives a sleek slim look to the hair and the hair is easily managed.

    The effects of rebonding straightening last for more than six months. Touch up can be done if the curling begins from the rootsof the hair.

    Rebonding is done with chemicalswhich make the hair delicate and fragile.  The roots become weak and can lead to hair fall.  Rebonded hair has to be left lose all the time and cannot be tied   back.  Hair styling in various ways is not possible after rebonding. The process of rebonding did again and again weaken the hair more and more. The rain water can further damage the hair because of the salts in it. The hair becomes dry and thick with the chemicals after rebonding. Regular conditioning will keep the hair   healthy.

    Hair rebonding tips for before and after rebonding hair

    Allergy test

    Hair rebonding techniques has effect over individual skin as the scalp layer of the head is also the part of your skin. Now, the ingredients used in the technique of rebonding might not suite the skin tone of every individual. Thus, the allergy test must be done to check whether the technique is suitable for your skin tone.

    Application of hair rebonding cream

    The hair rebonding cream is a necessity in the process as it is the main ingredient with the help of which the rebonding technique is availed. You must remember not to use the creams of rebonding over the roots of the hair. This can affect the hair follicles.

    Care after rebonding

    Once your hair is rebounded, the next immediate thing which you must do is caring your hair. Normally, we don’t get time to care our natural hair. This might give rise to variety of hair issues such as hair fall, dry hair, hair breakage etc. At the same time when your hair is rebounded, an extra care must be provided to those people with such hair. As a matter of fact, individual with rebounded hair needs much care.

    No tiding hair

    Just after the process of rebonding is done, you must make sure that there is no scope of tiding hair. You must be really cautious about your hair once you have adopted the hair rebonding technique. No tiding of hair will be allowed over here. This will be a stage when your hair gets a shape

    It takes some time for the chemicals to settle and seep down. Hence no water must be applied for threedays after straightening them.


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