Did you know that fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Shocked? So was I when I first researched on this! With new trends springing up every now and then and with retailers selling the latest and the most stylish fashion apparels at low prices, consumers are bound to get swayed away to purchase more than they need. Ethical and Sustainable fashion is nowhere! All you can see is fast fashion industries which believe in mass production where clothes are produced from initial design stage and get landed to the retailer’s place in only few weeks without realizing that every stage in a garment’s life threatens our planet and its resources.

But because of ever growing pollution, climate change and environmental degradation, brands and consumers have started waking up to the fact that the environment should be cleaned up. Many have started introducing the concept of slow fashion in their life. Producing ethical fashion is becoming more of a priority for brands now. Sustainable fashion or slow fashion is a growing movement in response to the fast fashion trend. Slow fashion is all about being kind to the environment, being responsible with our resources and treating the garment workers like human beings.

One of the brands that is leading the way for ethical and sustainable fashion or ‘slow fashion’ is Akira Ming. I love discovering new brands to shop online and recently I came across an apparel brand called Akira Ming and became an instant fan.

Akira Ming is an ethical label for smart woman of today who desires to wear the finest and the most stylish clothes without harming the environment. The brand believes in manufacturing stylish tops and dresses that are ethically made and go easy on the environment too. Their clothes are well designed and responsibly made from start to finish. By raising awareness about fair trade and ethical practices, Akira Ming is trying to bring the much needed positive change in the society.

The motto of Akira Ming is luxury enriched with fair trade partnerships as well as style cultivated with cruelty free and organic fabrics. The goal of the brand is preserving and enhancing the natural resources and leaving a richer earth for future generations. They believe that no one should be exploited for the things people buy.

This Delhi based fashion label is the outcome of the dedication of Divya Ahluwalia, the creator of Akira Ming. After many years of experience as Fashion Designer for the corporate & export sector, Divya decided to launch her dream project which combines two of her passions environment and fashion. She named this label Akira Ming after her daughter who is her biggest source of inspiration. It’s this young kid’s compassion for nature and animals is what led her to name her brand Akira Ming.

“The best part of this brand is they plant a tree against every sale”

This apparel brand has set out in the market with a mission which is sustainable and ethical fashion, strong value system for fair trade and making clothes using Ahimsa silk and Malkha. Ahimsa silk/peace silk is gentle method of making silk without harming the creatures that created it by specifically letting the worms hatch and then using the cocoons once vacant. Malkha stands for a decentralized, sustainable, field-to-fabric cotton textile chain, collectively owned and managed by the primary producers the farmers, the ginners, the spinners, the dyers and the weavers.

“They support waste warriors India by donating 5% of their sales”

Another plus point of Akira Ming is they have incorporated the aspect of giving back by donating 5% of their sales for supporting waste warriors.

The mission of Akira Ming is to encourage classic designs over passing trends and hence they ensure the longevity of their garments by using only high quality fabrics which are pesticide free, environment friendly vegetable dyes and creating timeless pieces. Check out some of the dresses below from their collection.

Kiara Dress in Ahimsa Silk: Environment friendly hand ties and dyes print lends a unique elegance to this Kimono dress. It has a drawstring tie up on the waist, is unlined and made from 100% Ahimsa silk.

Emma Dress in Malkha Cotton: This 100% Malkha cotton easy fit tunic dress comes with a front button opening. Natural MOP buttons are used and the fabric used is vegetable indigo dyed. This unlined dress is hand spuned and handloom woven textile. All these processes help to retain the bounce and elasticity of the cotton yarns.

Heidi Dress in Ahimsa silk: Executed in finest hand-woven 100% Ahimsa silk, this asymmetric halter dress is made with environment friendly hand tie and dye print and smooth sateen weave silk gives a soft drape and flow to the dress.

Kiara Dress in Silk Georgette: This Georgette kimono dress is hand dyed, unlined and is made from 100% Ahimsa silk. It has a drawstring waist. Environment friendly dyes are used in this dress.

Jenna dress beaded in silk: This is  a 100% silk georgette skater dress which is hand-beaded in abstract waves and is perfect for festive occasions. This dress comes with a separate slip.

Ameera Blouse in Ahimsa SilkNothing can spell elegance like this lightweight blouse accented with hand block print. This blouse is made from 100% Ahimsa Silk and environment friendly dyes and processes are used in this


Amelia Blouse in Malkha Cotton: Live in sync with nature with this 100% malkha cotton yarn Amelia blouse. This hand woven blouse comes with a tie up in the front. The Raglan sleeves gives easy and comfortable fit to it. Soft & light weight character of the fabric makes it ideal for the summers. Vegetable dyed yarns are used and all these processes help retain the bounce and elasticity of the yarns.

Lucy Tank in Ahimsa Silk: This asymmetric lucy tank top is perfect for casual wear. It features handblock print with tucks and tie up in front and is made from 100% ahimsa silk.


User Interface and various Payment Options : Akira Ming has a neat user interface which allows for easy browsing of different categories. They have a variety of payment options too and you can make the payment via Bank, Visa, Mastercard and COD.

Shipping & Delivery : All the orders are dispatched within three working days or as per the date specified by you. Your will receive your parcel within 7 to 8 working days through reputed courier agencies only. In case of absence of courier service availability in your area, your order will be shipped via Government Registered Book post or Speed post. For more details on shipping, please visit the website.

Returns : In case, if you have received a product in bad condition or if the packaging is tampered with, you can simply refuse to accept the package and return it to the delivery person with the original product tag. The brand will replace the product at no additional cost. You can also call customer care or even directly mail them for all your queries.

Do I recommend AKIRA MING? A Big Yes!

One visit to this website and I became a huge fan. I am completely in love with all the dresses I have seen on their website. I love their ideology of introducing slow fashion in our life. This brand definitely defy the classic fast fashion system and believes in sustainable and ethical fashion. 

You too can contribute your bit for the betterment of the society and environment by choosing slow fashion over fast one and by becoming an ethical consumer which means shopping responsibly and purchasing products that have been made without the use of animal tissue products and going for organic products where natural fibers have been grown without any pesticides and other toxic materials. 

Much Love, Neha


* Content written by me and all photos belong to Akira Ming, kindly don’t reproduce.

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  1. Lovely brand, good to read about it.
    I’m also a sustainable fashion designer as all garments at Sugar Lane Design are made out of recycled silk sarees, which is both inspiring and sustainable,
    thanks for sharing this with us, people should be more concern about fast fashion and all the damage behind it,

  2. This ethical label looks fabulous, the clothing looks super flattering and I love the slight bohemian feel 🙂

  3. Happy New Year – “I would just like to express how much joy you have given me, and wish for your joy and happiness in return. Happy New Year to you all”
    Amazing blog post and great photos.
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent outfit post and thank you for the comments!!

  4. Akira sounds like such a wonderful brand! I not only love their designs, but I love the fact that they’re so dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the environment and improving the deteriorating conditions we’re unfortunately seeing everyday. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a very Happy New Year, girlie!



  5. It’s so great to see that more and more brands are becoming ethical and promote sustainable business models! Thanks for sharing it with us Neha!


    Tamara –

  6. Great post Neha, its always a pleasure to read such informative articles by you… Thanks for constantly introducting us to new brands!

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