Washing face can do more harm than good if you don’t do it right. Yeah you read it right. It’s very important to wash face properly else you may face problems like irritation, dryness, premature ageing and yes wrinkles of course. It’s very important to wash your face in the morning when you get up and before going to bed at night. Also, washing face when you come home from very outside is important to remove all the dust, dirt and grime from face. But do you know that excessive face cleansing can harm your skin? So, what should you do to keep the beauty of your face intact? Don’t make these mistakes while washing your face:

1. Don’t wash your face with dirty hands: The very first step is to wash your hands thoroughly with a good hand wash before applying cleanser on your face else you will give bacteria the chance to get deeper in your pores.

2. Don’t use too hot or too cold water: Always wash your face using lukewarm water to ensure that your skin remains hydrated and unaffected. No hot or too cold water please. Tepid or lukewarm water is perfect for cleaning your face as too much hot or cold water can irritate your skin and leads to broken capillaries.

3. Don’t use soap: Use a face cleanser as per your skin type and try to go for a pH-balanced cleanser. Make sure your cleanser should not contain fragrance and parabens. The best rule is to go for a foaming or gel based cleanser if you have oily skin and a cream based cleanser if you have dry skin. Never use soap on face.

Use a Cleanser which is made for your skin: The first step is to use a cleanser as per your skin type. Those with dry skin should stick to a gentle and creamy cleanser. People with oily skin should use foam or gel based cleanser that would help to remove oil, and makeup from the skin. People with normal skin should use foam cleanser. People with sensitive skin should use a cleanser free of fragrance, and preservatives.

4. Don’t use washcloths: Apply cleanser on face with the help of your fingers and avoid using a washcloths as it may carry bacteria, and since a washcloth is harsh so it may cause damage to the skin.

5. Don’t Over exfoliate: Never over-exfoliate your face with scrubs and exfoliants and be gentle with your face.

6. Rinse with lukewarm water: After you are done with cleaning, rinse your face with lots of water as any product residue can leads to dryness. 

7. Don’t be harsh: Pat dry your face with a soft and clean towel. Never scrub your face with towel only pat your face until it is dry.

8. Don’t wash your face too much: Wash face only twice a day. Once in the morning when you wake up to remove the dirt and bacteria that gathers on your face because of pillow while you’re sleeping, then again at night to take off makeup and the grime collected throughout the day.

9. Don’t skip toner: Apply toner after you pat dry your face as toner balances the pH level of the skin and prepare it for moisturizing. Use a gently toner and try not to use an alcohol-based toner as it strips off natural oils from the face. 

10. Don’t skip moisturizer: After toner get dried up, apply moisturizer on your face. Take some moisturizer in your palms and gently dab it onto your face and then use your fingers to gently massage it into your skin. Moisturizer is important to keep your skin soft and supple.

 Much Love, Neha

Neha Bhatt Bhagat

I am Neha, a Travel, Fashion and a Lifestyle Blogger based out of Bengaluru, India. I am a Fashionable soul, a compulsive Traveler, a foodie and a Cat Lover.

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