If you are a cinephile or a big fan of Hollywood movies, you must have heard of Tim Burton: his beautiful stories full of strange, charming characters involved in bizarre stories full of dark yet detailed, impressive visuals are a big favourite of the American public. But Tim Burton’s preference doesn’t only shape the stories he writes about, the visual of his movies or his choice of musical composers: he also has a cast of favourite actors that he has habit of including in every movie: Johnny Depp. Elena Bonham Carter, Christopher Lee. 

But a new, shining actress has joined this cast of “favourite actors”: Eva Green. If you are a fan of Tim Burton, it is evident why: not only is she wonderful, magnificent actress with a great range but she also has a particular aura about her that really suits Tim Burton favourite style: gothic movies.

Eva Green has a beautiful, symmetrical face that makes her conventionally beautiful, but it also has some particular features that make her perfect for roles in “gothic movies”: a cold, firm gaze; a diamond shaped face with strong, charismatic features and a pale skin with cold tones that make her look disctintive and original. Of course, such features compliment gothic fashion perfectly and she has always looked stunning and remarkable in Tim Burton’s work: her more charming, fashionable and sexy long sequined dress made her look like a seductive sultry vampire in Dark Shadows; her more traditionally gothic, victorian, muted get up in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and her exhuberant, fancy and eye catching colourul styles in Dumbo.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise either, then, that her looks and her incredibly styling in the different Tim Burton movies she has starred in has inspired many fashion trends in gothic fashion and those fashions that are similar to it, such as punk, heavy metal styles or lolita fashion.

Of course, every movie has influenced fashion differently, and it has made an impact in the different subcultures they take inspiration from: In Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows we find a more ecletic, fashionable “glamour goth” fashion: lots of ties, suits and jewel colours for the men while the women sport long dresses in vibrant, sparkly colours that attract the eye. Eva’s character in particular is very charming: a long red dress combined with red hair and pale skin make her character one of the most colourful in the movie, and her character made vibrant red and sequins really popular in gothic fashion after the movie came out.

In Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the entire movie is set around the Victorian and Edwardian era, and her character (Miss Peregrine) is a headmistress in a magical school, so her character always chooses elegant, refined, practical clothes in toned down colours such as black and navy blue. However, this doesn’t make her style boring: even if her clothing is practical, it is still beautiful and ornate and she often wears decorations such as lace, ribbons or other feminine details such as heavy makeup or hats with feathers (she is often adorned with crow feathers, since her character’s magical ability is that she can turn into a crow).

Of course, this heavily influenced Lolita fashion after the movie came out: the lovers of the style loved the movie and wanted to pay homage to it by adapting and imitating elements of the movie, and specially, imitating miss Peregrine’s style. During this year, we saw a rise in the popularity of the “hudson hairstyle” (that which Eva Green wears in the movie) and of course, heavy, feminine makeup featuring dark eyelids and black mascara became a very popular choice, too.

It also influenced the choice of headgear for most Lolitas all over the world: to imitate miss Peregrine, top hats and mini hats with lace and feathers, like this Steam Punk Gothic Retro Brown Mini Hat Hair Clip became extremely popular, and headdresses featured adornments such as lace, feathers and sometimes wings to give a dark, gothic image.

Other adornments became popular thanks to this movie, too: there was an increase in dark, gothic style dresses in Lolita that year, and a lot of the dresses had prints that imitated those themes that were important in the movie, such as roses, dark, decrepit Victorian mansions or castles, dark scary trees and birds, specially crows !

In dark, scary fashions such as gothic and lolita, we owe a lot to Tim Burton’s movies: this director has always had a particular fondness for gothic styles, and while this styles take inspiration from his movies often… his movies also heavily take inspiration from gothic fashion, styles, and themes !

One of the reasons why he always casts “favourites” such as Eva Green and Elena Bonham Carter is that they look particularly good in gothic styles, because their features naturally resemble those that gothic styles try to imitate in their clothing choices and makeup.

For example, both of this woman are skinny and frail, with deep and bony features. Gothic fashion really favours the appeareance of frailness and fragility this kind of look gives you. Not only that, but both of this women are also very pale, which gothic fashion really loves. When it comes to their makeup, both of them have deep, charming eyes with a beautiful gaze that can be accentuated with heavy eyeliner, and they often choose dark or deep red lipstick to imitate the look of an elegant vampire.

When it comes to the fashion choices in this movies, both feature different substyles of gothic fashion: glamour goth, and Edwardian goth. Both of them are really beautiful and popular, and they suit Eva Green, with her unconventional looks, particularly well.

All in all, we can be very grateful to Tim Burton for casting such a beautiful, elegant woman for this roles and we can hope her stylistic choices and those of Tim Burton movies continue to give us inspiration in our gothic and lolita styles, because Tim Burton is a favourite for us !

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