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Isn’t this heading interesting enough to draw your attention towards it ? Well, the sole purpose of writing this post is to make you all aware of food cravings which is something which happens with all of us. As far as I am concerned I crave for salty and spicy food a lot. I am obsessed with Pizzas, salty chips and anything which is sour and spicy. But then I crave for chocolates and ice creams also, so it just depends on my mood. 

Craving for a certain food which is also known as selective hunger, is basically an intense and an overwhelming desire to consume a specific food. But craving for some food is your body’s way of telling you what it really needs in order to function properly. It’s actually a way your body is telling you that it needs something, like a vitamin, mineral, protein, or nutrient to function at its best. You know when your body craves for something, its actually looking for nutrients. 

1. If you crave for salty food: If you crave for salty foods like pizzas, corn chips, burgers etc, then that means your body is craving for healthy sodium. Just as too much salt is bad for you, eating too little salt is also associated with health problems. Always remember that salt is necessary to control the balance of body fluids in the body. The amount of water in your blood needs to stay within a small range and adjustments in salt intake and excretion help make that happen. 

But make sure that salt comes from the right sources, and not from table salts or the industrial-grade salt used in snacks. It’s best not to have table salts and instead go for celery juices to satisfy salt craving the natural and the healthiest way. Also, people who crave for salty foods may have mineral deficiency. If you are calcium deficient, then you will crave for salty food more. This is because Sodium temporarily increases calcium levels in the blood. Apart from calcium, lack of potassium, calcium, and iron causes also make you crave for salty foods.

2. If you crave for spicy food: It means you may have a thyroid imbalance or a sulfur deficiency. In that case, eating garlic, curry, horse-radish, cayenne, etc will help you to control your cravings.

3. If you crave for Chocolates: Craving for chocolates indicates magnesium deficiency in your body and your body needs magnesium. Chocolates stimulates the release of serotonin, a drug which has a feel good impact on our brains. Chocolate has magnesium which is vital to several functions of the body, including relaxing blood vessels and providing us with energy. Though, eating chocolate isn’t bad, but next time, try to curb the chocolate craving by opting for healthy foods like raw nuts, legumes, fruits, seeds, avocados etc. You can also opt for dark chocolates as it is filled with lots of magnesium your body is asking for.

4. If you carve for Sweet and sour: If you crave for lemons, pickles a lot, that means it is associated with liver congestion. The simple fix is to add lemon to your water on a regular basis.

5. If you crave for Sweets/Sugar: Craving for sweets and sugar indicates that your body is low on energy or is looking for things to boost your mood. Craving for sugar means your body needs glucose to make it through the day and keep your blood sugar levels in control. It is really not a wise thing to stay away from all forms of sugar. Just be sure that along with your glucose you’re getting vitamins, minerals, and fiber as well. So, next time, opt for fresh fruits, chicken, beef, liver, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes, grains, raisins, sweet potato, spinach, grapes, cheese, dried beans.

6. If you crave for Coffee/Caffeine: You will crave for coffee because it has caffeine and because it has sugar. If coffee is the first thing you want to have in the morning or whenever you are feeling tired, that means your body is looking out for energy. The worst part of having coffee is the energy you get from having a coffee wears out too soon and leaves you feeling even more depleted than before. Stress is another thing that makes you crave for caffeine. 

7. If you crave for fried foods: Craving for fried stuff means your body is looking for healthy fats. Make sure that there is enough amount of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your diet. Include avocados in your diet which provides fats, minerals and fibers, as well as nuts like almonds and cashews. 

8. If you crave for liquid foods and soups: If you want to have soups, smoothies, shakes instead of solid food, then it means your body needs more water. In such cases, have lots and lots of water and see if it controls your craving for liquid foods. 

9. If you crave for fizzy drinks like cola: This is your body way of telling that it needs hydration. Fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine, and preservatives which can have a dehydrating effect on your body. A good alternative is to have mineral water.

10. If you crave for cold foods: That means your body wants to cool down. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best solution.

11. If you crave for cheese: It means your body is looking for Calories as Cheese is very high in calories. Always make sure that you are still getting enough calories to make it through the day without this kind of intense cravings. Eat foods high in healthy levels of calories, vitamins, minerals will help a lot and will also keep the cheese cravings at bay.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

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Much Love, Neha

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