Sunglasses not only makes a great fashion accessory and give edginess to our look but also protects our eyes from the Sun’s UV rays and hence it becomes imperative to wear them whenever we are out in the sun. But sunglasses get smudged with daily wear and hence it must be cleaned from time to time as they accumulate dirt from many sources like our face makeup, creams, oils from the hair, sweat, grease from the pores and what not. Keep your sunglasses clean and they will look great and perform well.

Hey but before you start cleaning your sunglasses, did you know that one of the biggest reasons of damaged sunglasses is incorrect cleaning? Improper care can damage the lens of sunglasses and thus resulting in scratches or haziness. Many people follow the gross practice of exhaling their breath onto their lenses and then wiping the fog off with their shirt sleeves or tissue paper or napkin. Please stop doing this right away as this smears the dirt spots even more and scratch the lenses and once the scratch is there, then there is literally no way to get that scratch off the lenses.

So, what is the best way of cleaning the sunglasses? 

“The best way to clean the Sunglasses is by using Soap and warm water as warm water will remove all the dirt and debris from your lens, without scratching them”

Let’s look at the procedure to clean the sunglasses effectively without damaging the lenses:

1. First step is to run your sunglasses under warm water. Please make sure to always use warm water to clean your sunglasses as warm water helps to loosen the deposits without damaging the lenses. Hot or cold water is a strict no-no. 

2. Now take a tiny drop of mild liquid soap in your palms and gently rub the entire frame, the inside and outside area of the lenses, the hinges, nose pads, the screws with your fingers in circular motion. Please be gentle while washing the area where the brand of sunglasses is printed as applying too much pressure can damage it. 

3. Now, rinse off the sunglasses under warm water and shake off any excess water. After that, dry them off with a microfiber or lint-free cloth.

What’s not to do?

1. Never clean your sunglasses dry. Always wet your sunglasses with water or sunglass cleaner before you start cleaning them as liquid helps to reduce friction and risk of scratching will be less.

2. Never ever use your shirt’s sleeves to clean the sunglasses as it carries dust and hence can lead to micro-scratches on your lenses.

3. Never ever use ammonia, vinegar, bleach, or any household cleaner to clean your sunglasses as these chemicals will strip the protective coating off the lenses. The coating of lenses can also get damaged due to extreme temperature, so avoid keeping sunglasses on car’s dashboard, or out in the sun. Also, never use your saliva for cleaning your sunglasses. 

4. Never rub your sunglasses with paper products like paper towel, tissue paper as they are coarse and contain wood content that can scratch the surface of the lenses. Rather don’t use a regular towel either as it is coarse and can also leave behind microscopic scratches.

5. Never hold your sunglasses by the lenses when you are trying to clean them because this will create smudges on the lenses and can cause microscopic blemishes as well. Always hold your sunglasses by the frame when cleaning the lenses.

Protect your Eye wear

1. Always carry your sunglasses in a sturdy case provided with the glasses, when not in use as this will prevent scratches and accumulation of dust on the lenses. Also, avoid wearing them on your head as it can distort the shape of the frames. Make sure to use both your hands to take them off from the case and never put them face down onto a surface. 

2. If you are on move, then clean your sunglasses with lens cleaner as the special formula helps in cuts through the grease, rather than just spreading around the oil and dust.

3. Always use professional cleaning cloth made for cleaning the lenses. Use Micro-fiber cloths to clean your glasses. They’re usually made of a combination of nylon and polyester and are made up of extremely small fibers of that material. You will get them at eyeglass retailers. But make sure to wash your microfiber cloth once a week to wash off all the build-up.

The Micro Fiber Cloth

All the lens manufacturers recommend only Microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt from the lenses. Whenever you purchase a new set of sunglasses, you receive a microfiber cloth free with it. You can also buy it from any optical store and it’s inexpensive and can be reused multiple times.


While it’s necessary to use an professional Microfiber cloth, it’s equally necessary to clean that cloth regularly else the build up of dirt on the cloth can scratch the lenses. Wash the microfiber cloth in warm water with a few drops of liquid soap. Rinse the cloth well to remove every trace of dirt and soap from it but don’t use a fabric softener as the chemicals present in the softener will act like a wax and clog the fibers in the cloth, and hence it will be unable to pick up dirt from the lenses. Also, never iron the microfiber cloth.

Hope you like it.

Much Love, Neha

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