Exactly one year ago today, on 1st February 2016, I made my blog The Instyle Journal online. I am so happy that today my blog completes one year and hence, I’m taking you on a little trip down the memory lane. Please pinch me as I still can’t believe its already been a year of blogging. Time has literally flown by so fast! 

Let me tell you that it was really not an easy decision for me to foray into the world of blogging. I started this blog after much apprehension but I am glad I took this decision and hopped into a world I knew nothing about. My first blog was Uni Instyle which I started in 2015 but that time I was really not serious about blogging or let me put it this way that I knew nothing about blogging. I really spent one whole year learning the entire process of blogging and eventually stopped blogging by the end of 2015. Yeah you read it right! I stopped blogging. But as they say, I was meant for blogging only, so again in January 2016, I started blogging with a new domain which is Only, this time I was more determined, more focused and more dedicated than before.

I initially started out as a Travel Blogger since I used to travel a lot earlier, but because of the hectic work schedules of my hubby and I, we could not travel much in 2016. And then came a time, when I was seriously confused about how to proceed with my blog since I was not traveling at all. Also, instead of getting offers related to Travel, I started getting offers related to fashion and beauty, so I decided to deviate a little bit from travel blogging towards Fashion and Lifestyle and started writing about the topics which interested me like fashion, beauty, photography and my blog started to take on a life of its own. I know I am petite, I mean I am just 5’1 and I am not the usual fashionista material, but still I went ahead with it and started accepting the offers that came into my way.

I really want to thank my hubby Mr. Bhagat to allow me to do blogging as he is a very very private person and doesn’t love uploading pictures online or making things public. But after seeing my love for blogging, he not only allowed me to pursue it but also helped me by clicking my pictures. And let me tell you he is a good photographer.


In the beginning, blogging really took over my life since I did everything on my own. I take proud in saying that I have made this blog from the scratch. From finding the best web host, to learning about website making, choosing themes and plugins, managing website’s statistics, and to get the platform ready for blogging, I have done it all by myself. Since, nobody from my family or friends were into blogging, so I had to learn on my own. Nobody guided me how to go ahead with this. And I owe all my thanks to YouTube where I learned everything. Nothing has changed much even after a year, I am still doing everything on my own and frankly speaking I enjoy it. 

Blogging takes so much of my time but I have no qualms about it. Trust me, my laptop is always in plugged-in mode and I am totally addicted to blogging. It’s seriously not an easy thing being a blogger and this only a fellow blogger can understand. 

I write the content, manage the PR’s and sponsors, and all my social accounts, keep a tab on my website statistics, get ready for a photo shoot, search for a perfect location and my hubby takes my photos (and for every photo session I have to literally beg in front of him to take my pics, now you can understand how much he hates photography). 


Apart from creating content on my blog, I control all my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts. I started instagramming in 2015 so I have some 76,000 followers on Instagram in the past two years. I have 1360 followers on Twitter and 780 followers on Facebook. I am so happy that my blog The Instyle Journal has come a long way from having no ranking at all to reaching an Alexa Rank of 1,572,153 globally and 112,978 Indian Rank. It gives me so much pleasure to see my page views growing day after day

Also, many exciting stuffs happened in 2016 like I got featured in The Ethical Brand Daily which is a UK Based Magazine, got featured in and Nearfox Journal, Bangalore, got BlogAdda’s Notable Newbie award, Leibster award, and worked with so many Indian and International brands.

Today, on the successful completion of a year of blogging, I would like to thank each one of you who take out time to visit my blog and leave their comments. Thank you all my lovely readers, followers, friends and family for supporting me. I am glad that I stepped way out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to grow in ways that I never even knew was possible before. I promise you that I will never ever going to stop blogging and will definitely take it to new heights. 

You can connect with me via :  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Google+  |  Bloglovin  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram

Much Love, Neha

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  1. Congratulations Neha…Blogging is not an easy task but people like us who have a love for blogging carve out our ways into this blogging world.Kudos to you darling for this beautiful blog…

  2. Hi Neha
    Congratulations I follo you on insta and really like your posts. Keep blogging 😚

  3. Congratulations sweetheart !!
    Wishing you lots of success in future. 👍
    It is a pleasure knowing you and reading your blog. You are an inspiration and motivation for new bloggers like me. 😍💗

  4. I am glad to be part of your facebook followers, dear Neha, and congratulations for your blogversary – 1 year is a milestone! I love your blog and I know that blogging takes a lot of our time, but still, how good is that, that we can know each other? I agree with you on everything – I also started from scratch, and I think that your number of Instagram followers show how good your work is! Hope you have a greatday, enjoy it a lot!

    1. Thanks Denise, You are a very sweet girl inside out, one of the my best online friends, I have got to learn so much from your blog, and let me tell you I love your blog babe….lotsa luv to you, Neha

  5. Congratulations sweetie ! You deserve only the best and you are such a sweet girl inside out. I really love your blog and its so interesting to read your stories and experiences.

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