Best peel off face mask in India

A peel off face mask nourishes and moisturizes the facial skin by gently peeling away the impurities, blackheads and whiteheads from the facial skin. A peel off face mask thereby helps in revealing cleaner, fresher and revitalized younger looking skin. First apply this mask on your face and upon drying, a thin film is formed which you need to peel off to reveal fresh skin. Using a peel off face mask once or twice a week helps in unclogging pores and give skin firmness and radiance.

“Peel off face mask are extremely beneficial for your skin.”

Dry Skin- If you have dry skin, then go for a peel off face mask which has moisturizing and antioxidant-rich ingredients like cucumber, honeydew or chamomile.

Oily Skin- If your skin type if oily, then peel off mask with clay infusions works great to draw out dirt, grime and impurities.

Combination Skin- If you have combination skin, then go for a mask which has soothing ingredients like cucumber and aloe vera

  Below is the list of the Best Peel Off Face Mask in India

Mediterranean olive peel off facial mask (100 ml for Rs 268)

This is a great peel off face mask which has the goodness of olive oil which removes dirt, grease, impurities and clarifies the skin. It also keeps the skin moisturized for a long time. 


Himalaya herbals Almond and cucumber peel off mask (50 gms for Rs 70)

Himalaya’s Almond & Cucumber Peel off Face Mask is an all herbal formula which helps in removing blemishes and reveal healthy, glowing skin. Almond present in it nourishes, soothes and softens the skin. Cucumber present in it tones your facial skin and provides a cooling effect. Pineapple removes impurities and dead skin cells to firm up the skin. 


 TVAM Face Mask Gold Peel-Off (100g Rs 625)

A great peel off face mask that contains 24K gold dust and honey and makes your skin glow. This is an exclusive peel off mask that tightens the pores and makes your skin look very young and attractive.  

TVAM Face Mask Gold Peel-Off

Pond’s White beauty Peel off mask (50 gms for Rs 99)

Pond’s white beauty peel-off face mask effectively removes all the dead skin cells and impurities from your face and give it a natural fair complexion. Factors like pollution, exposure to the sun and harsh weather conditions covers the natural complexion of the skin, which is why sometimes only cleansing is not enough to thoroughly detoxify the skin. You need a powerful product like this face pack to do away with the impurities. This face pack is formulated with vita-active boosters which fights with darkness to make your facial skin fairer. Both men and women can use it and it is suitable for all skin types.

Pond’s White beauty Peel off mask

Everyuth Orange peel off mask (90 g for Rs 115)

A  great orange peel off face mask which revitalize your skin and reveal a youthful radiance. This is made with natural orange extracts which lifts dirt and dust from the facial skin. It also stimulates blood circulation and gives your skin a healthy look.

Everyuth Orange peel off mas

Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying and refining Peel off Mask (65 g for Rs 199)

This Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying & Refining Peel Off Mask is a blend of Peach, Plum, Cucumber, Cabbage, Neem seeds and Quince seeds which deeply cleanse the skin and purify the pores. The masks lifts away deeply rooted impurities and smoothes skin to reveal bright, nourished skin. Suitable for use on all skin types.  

Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying and refining Peel off Mask

Ayur Lemon Peel off Mask 

This peel contains the goodness of lemon which helps in reducing wrinkles and blemishes from the skin. Use this mask to get a young, healthy and vibrant skin in no time.

Ayur Lemon Peel off Face Mask

VLCC Gold Peel off Mask (80g for Rs 163)

Exposure to environmental factors like pollution and dust makes skin look dull and lifeless. This unique peel-off mask helps in maintaining skin’s pH balance. It is enriched with 24 carat pure gold, lemon peel and vitamin E which protects the skin from free radicals. It’s effective peel-off formula penetrates into the skin to reveal glowing skin.

VLCC Gold Peel off Mask

Jovees apricot and Honey Peel off Mask (100g for Rs 148)

This Jovees peel off face mask nourishes the skin and tightens the pores. This one is a powerful blend of pure honey and apricot extracts along with natural oils. This mask helps to nourish the skin and tighten the pores. Overall, its a great product which effectively lifts impurities and controls facial hair and lightens stretch marks.

Overall, a good peel off face mask is a magical beauty product which helps in achieving young, vibrant and beautiful glowing skin. So, have you used a face mask ever? If yes, which is your favorite peel off face mask, don’t forget to comment!


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