Belts are one of the most important accessories every woman should own. Whether you want to wear a belt to keep your trousers in place or to turn your dull and boring outfit into a trendy one, just team it up with a good belt and see yourself how it will instantly jazz up the look of your outfit. Belts are indeed a great way to polish your outfit. Let’s have a look at the must have belt essentials you need in your closet:

1. The Classic Black and brown Belt: Every woman should own a staple classic black as well as a brown belt which goes well with every outfit. Just pair it with your favorite denims or trousers and you are ready to go.


2. The Skinny Belt: The skinny belts are 1 inch or even thinner than that in width and looks quite stylish, trendy and mod when worn on the waist or lower on the hips. This type of belt is perfect for those girls who are petite and have a short waist. These belts are meant to be worn over delicate and lightweight dresses. Skinny belt looks best when cinched over lightweight dresses, or tied around a tent dress or teamed up with low waists pants. Go for this one if you want to add a sophisticated, smart and elegant feel to a suit or a dress.


3. The Elasticized Belt: Wear a thick elasticized belt over the top of a form-fitting jeans for a figure-flattering silhouette. 

The Elasticized Belt

4. The Metallic Belt: Look trendy with these sturdy, stylish and fashionable metallic belts. Bring life to your plain denims by teaming it up with a metallic belt. Add fun to your outfit by wearing this statement piece. You can also wear these metallic belts with black dresses as well as lightweight clothes. 

metallic belts

5. The Bright colored belt: Spice up your simple and understated outfit with a bright colored belt. Consider keeping the look streamlined by choosing a brightly colored belt with hardware that matches the color of the belt exactly. 

Colorful bright belts

6. The Wide Belt: The wide belt actually works like a corset and helps in creating an hourglass shape and a dramatic and a fashion forward look. This type of belt looks great on a defined waist i.e. on girls who either have an hourglass figure or a pear shaped body. This one is a must have belt for those girls who want to highlight their waist. While it helps to add curves to a girl with thin waist, it also helps in defining waistline in case of thicker waists. Wide belts can also help support and hold in extra weight around the waist. There are many ways in which you can wear a wide belt. If you want to emphasize your chest and want to show off your curves as well as highlight your waist, then wear a wide belt under your bust line. 

The Wide Belt

7. Animal Printed Belt: Even An animal inspired belt looks trendy and cool and serves as a versatile addition to dresses, pants, and skirts.

Animal Printed Belt

8. The Woven Belt: A versatile woven belt is very essential for a woman who loves to wear dresses. 

The Woven Belt

So girls, which one is your favorite style to cinch your dress?

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

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  1. I’ve been struggling with belts ever since a long time! This post surely did make many of those clear! great post keep it up!

  2. All the beats are so awesome. I agree that one should own all of these <3

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