A High-End Skin-Care Routine: You should have a good skin care routine. Good facial creams are the most important place to spend money. Apart from that you should have a good makeup remover. What you put on your face is important — but how you take it off is even more so. A clean face is, after all, the first step in great skin care. Go for face cleansing wipes as wipes work wonders and don’t dry out skin at all.

Foundation: Foundation is essential and a must have beauty product. You must have a variety of foundations when it comes to creating many looks. So, the golden rule with foundation is to purchase many less expensive foundations. You can buy olive tone, beige tone, light tone, and dark tone and mix to make a perfect foundation. to get the one that will get the job done. If your skin tone fluctuates from summer to winter, it might be worth buying more for mixing and matching. 

Primer: Primers saves the makeup from sweating off and also make foundation, shadows, and lipsticks look brighter, bolder, and smoother on camera.

Compact Powder: It is a must have. 

Concealer: The secret to that flawless, YouTube skin? Finding the right concealer. Tarte’s formula comes highly recommended by Dominique. “It doesn’t crease, and it has a nice-sized applicator that makes it easy to apply to a large area. 

Eyeshadow Palette: Great pigmented eyeshadows palette are a must. 

Eyeliner: A good eyeliner is a must which is at the same time easy to apply.

False Lashes: Lashes adds a touch of flair without feeling overwhelming. If falsies are not your thing, then go for a mascara as it will do the trick.

Lash Serums: Use lash serums for enhanced lashes.

Oval Brushes: Quality brushes make a huge difference in the application and blending of product. Plus, they last longer than inexpensive ones.

Contour Kit: The cools are best to chisel the features, because they look like shadow under the cheekbone or along the sides of the nose

Bronzer: Don’t fancy contous, then use bronzer. A bronzer can add some definition without looking overdone.

Beautyblender: All girls need a beautyblender to really blend the makeup perfectly.

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