Mehndi holds a lot of significance in our Indian culture. Whether it’s a wedding, fasts like Teej, Karva Chauth, Eid or Diwali or any other special occasion, women adorn their hands and feet with beautiful Henna designs as the occasion seems to be incomplete without Mehndi on hands and feet. In India and in neighboring countries also like, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Arabic countries, bride adorns her hands and feet with Mehndi a day before her marriage as it is considered to be auspicious. The very thought of decorating hands and legs with Mehndi or Henna can instantly brightens up the mood as well as look of any Indian girl. So, Craftsvilla and Ethnico brings to you the most beautiful and elegant Mehndi designs. 


mehndi on feet

Every bride wants her hand to be adorned with beautiful motifs which can make her stand out of the crowd. With changing times, Mehndi designs have also evolved a lot and so many distinct styles and variations in Mehndi designs have come up. Traditional Mehndi designs consist of the hands decorated with flowers and leaves motifs or peacocks designs. Almost all of you must be aware of Indian style of applying henna on hands where the whole hand is filled with intricate designs.

Gone are the days when girls apply Mehndi only on her hands and feet. Now a days, girls are experimenting a lot with their looks and applying henna on back, tummy, full body, shoulder, arms to embellish their overall look.

Back Mehndi designs look absolutely mesmerizing when you choose to wear a backless dress to the wedding or some other occasions.

Back Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs on Shoulder, arms or tummy gives a very attractive and appealing look.

mehndi designs

Arabic Mehndi designs look beautiful, chic and are quite easy to draw. The Arabic style of applying Mehndi is less intricate and more flowing in nature with most of the designs focus mainly on the flowers, veins and the leaves which are arranged over a certain pattern. Big Floral outlines are drawn which are filled with lines and patterns and since designs don’t cover the entire hand which highlights the beautiful design even more. Take a look at some of the cool Arabic designs.

arabic mehendi


arabic mehndi

Hand Mehndi Designs is a creative way to make your hands look beautiful and elegant. The most preferred and aesthetically appealing motif in India is the Peacock design where the pattern resembles the body structure of a peacock which is also a sign of love and beauty. Another popular design is the flowery one where flower and leaf motifs are used. One more design women love to have is the mirror design which is drawn on both the hands. Another one is symmetrical design where patterns are symmetrically aligned.


Leaf and rose motif mehndi
Leaf and rose motif mehndi

And if you want your Mehndi to ooze lots of oomph then add colorful glitters, sparkle and rhinestones to it. But if you are among those who don’t want to cover your whole hand with henna then you can go for finger, wrist, and bracelet, ring Mehndi designs which covers only the fingers and wrist area and gives a chic and minimal look.

Bracelet Mehndi
Bracelet Mehndi
Finger Mehndi
Finger Mehndi
Wrist Mehndi
Wrist Mehndi

Now you must be wondering where I will find the latest and trendiest Henna designs. Don’t worry, as Ethnico app is your one- stop solution for all your needs. Ethnico App is a cool and best app to unearth everything which is ethnic and fashionable. All you have to do is to download this app and discover the latest and trendiest Mehndi/Henna designs, Bridal Mehndi designs, Arabic Mehndi designs as well as designs for special occasions.

This app also has other categories like designer wedding dresses, Designer blouse designs, Jewelry, Lehengas, Sarees, Suits, Embroidery, Recipes, Footwear, Wallpapers, Home and Living, Beauty and Grooming and Rangoli designs. Of late this app has been liked by one and all and people are downloading it in big numbers.

I definitely recommend this app as I have been using this app for a while now and totally liked it as it keeps me updated with the latest trends. The best part is you can even save your images offline and the browsing section is very neat which makes your search easier.

So, download the app and discover the latest and the best design inspirations for Mehndi as well as other ethnic stuffs.

Love, Neha

P.S. : All the photos are taken from Ethnico App website

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  7. All the designs are so beautiful. Specially the feet one. In love with that. Nice post Neha 🙂

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